Hux (Short Movie) Review

To write, direct and produce a film, even a short film, is one thing. Mageina Tovah (Spider-Man movies, The Factory) takes this a step further by starring and editing too to bring us Hux.

Hux tells the story of Hux, a young woman whose grandfather has recently passed away. She is struggling to live with her autism and interaction in particular so she lives, cut off, in a remote part of the desert. This is probably what saves her as an epidemic sweeps across the nation killing people as it goes.

Tovah is very good as the titular Hux, repeating ‘Hi how are you’ over and over again in preparation for meeting people. Her wall diary a constant reminder of the interaction she hates as she continuously pushes ‘call mum’ from one day to the next.

The directing is really very good, particular when Hux enters the local store to buy some food. The camera and soundtrack providing an insight into the world of someone with autism and what they fight against every day.

We get flash backs to when Hux was small and the influence her grandfather, played by Harry Dean Stanton (Alien, The Green Mile), had on her, which then comes full circle to a nice little ending. A wonderful short that, despite the subject matter, gives you a nice warm feeling inside.

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