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His Hands

A Short Heartbeat

28th April 2020

In the opening scene of His Hands, the latest short from writers and directors Darius Shu (“Bulletproof (Short)”) and Arron Blake, who also stars, we see Blake laying a polythene sheet down to some rousing, pumping music.

It is joyful, happy, I was nodding my head along. But this opening scene is a stark contrast to what is to come as His Hands goes dark, silent expect for the music.

I’m not entirely sure I understood what went on in His Hands, it didn’t stop me from guessing. Perhaps I’ve watched to much Dexter but seeing someone lay polythene sheeting down immediately brought me to a murder.

But then we switch from Blake to Philip Brisebois, an older gentleman sat alone in his dark flat in London. He makes a call on his phone, but it does not connect.

Despite this, Blake turns up at his door and Philip allows him in. Blake is next in the bathroom, washing his arms before putting on a robe.

He places a cup of tea and a biscuit on Brisebois’ lap before taking the seat opposite him. You get the feeling of something sexual at this point. As Brisebois drinks and eats, it seems Blake is urging him on, feeling his passion.

Then it all gets weird, I mean, weirder. Blake puts on some large, sparkly earrings, Brisebois finds himself wrapped in polythene, in the bath and we end with Black putting the earrings back on, sat in silhouette with his back to us.

His Hands shows what can be done with just great music and some talented actors. It’s well shot, well put together, but didn’t leave me wanting more.



Arron Blake, Darius Shu

Arron Blake, Darius Shu

Running Time:

Two men of different age meet for the strangest encounter of their lives.

Arron Blake, Darius Shu, Philip Brisebois

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