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19th March 2019

Time Moves Forward, Never Back

As an old man is told he is about to start losing his mind, it’s suggested that he begin to remove things that may remind him of his dearly departed wife.

Mac, Greg Lucey (“Child Of The ’70’s (TV)”, “Look At Me”), used to be on TV with his wife Ruth, Christine Kellogg-Darrin (“Shameless (TV)”, “Grey’s Anatomy (TV)”). The pair were scientists in a show that appears to be for children, teaching them the basics of science.

Mac puts his wife’s belongings in the garage, just past the Christmas decorations which still adorn the front of the house as Ruth sadly passed on Christmas eve.

When Tess, Laurel Porter (“The Yearbook (Short)”, “As High As The Sky”), a tearaway teenager who regularly argues with her mom, moves in next door, she immediately infiltrates Mac’s life, loving the ‘junk’ in his garage, including a strange, coffin shaped object.

As Mac’s deterioration continues, he goes against doctors orders and continues to watch himself and his wife on their show, Here & Beyond.

But it’s the coffin shaped object in the garage that holds the key to Mac’s future, or should that be, his past. A particular episode of Here & Beyond gives Tess an idea and Mac’s desires may be just about to come true.

Colin West (“We Are Not Made For This World (Short)”, “The Long Slow Flight Of The Ashbot (Short)”) is the man in the directorial chair and co-wrote with Corey Aumiller (“On The Lam”, “Meat Beaters (Short)”).

Here & Beyond is a lovely short film that gives some wonderful hope to a person with a serious degenerative condition. Lucey is delightful as Mac, a sensitive soul, pining for his partner, whilst Tess is the whirlwind who comes into his life and turns it around, much as he appears to do for her.

The switch between this old-time TV show and the current Mac is well done and adds a lovely sense of realism to the proceedings. If you get the chance, see Here & Beyond, you won’t regret it.

A once-was kids science TV show host and now widow attempts to build a time machine with his outcast teenage neighbor.

Colin West

Corey Aumiller, Colin West

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