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Good Works

See No Evil

23rd January 2020

Sam, Stella Ryan-Lozon, is a haunted woman. She is seeing people that others don’t, but these people have an issue, they don’t have any eyes, and sometimes Sam finds their eyes in her tea, or other such places.

Sam doesn’t seem that worried about these apparitions, no matter how real they appear, or how much they always seem to be coming for her. She just closes her own eyes and they go away.

A little after midnight, he house is filled with these eyeless people, but also, a new person, one who speaks to her, one who talks about a deal, something they’ve agreed, the devil.

“It’s time”, says the devil, but Sam isn’t ready, she tries to negotiate the deal, but the devil isn’t having any of it, and then we learn what Sam has really been up to.

Good Works is directed by D.J. Remark (“Uphill (Short)”), whose name makes it sound like he should be playing in the dance tent at Glastonbury, from a script by Jason Orr.

It’s a nice short film, it has plenty of promise, though there is a lack of tension and jeopardy throughout, particularly given the parties involved, everyone actually seems really nice.



D.J. Remark

Jason Orr

Sam is becoming haunted by eyeless and heartless ghosts, but why?

Angelia DeLuca, D.J. Remark, Jason Orr, Leigh A. Peterson, Stella Ryan-Lozon

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