French Short Film Review

What Would You Let Stand In Your Way?

Seyna, Grace Seri, a Cameroonian teenager now living in France, wants nothing more than to become a citizen of her new country.

She is passionate about the history of France and wants to move into politics within her adopted country.

Her father however, he’s not happy about the idea. Despite him being a French citizen he is upset about the hoops he had to jump to in order to be given his citizenship and doesn’t want his daughter to have to go through the same thing.

But Seyna is stubborn, and determined to do what she thinks is best, even if that means overcoming some obstacles that are put in her way.

Writer and director Josza Anjembe’s tale is based on true events and the short film has been doing brilliantly at film festivals around the world.

It’s easy to see why. Her direction is effortless and the performance from newcomer Seri is wonderful.

The film has the look and feel of something any director would be proud of and the little hints Anjembe drops at the start about what some of Seri’s obstacles may be later, are great.

My only confusion came at the end. This may just be me or may be because I’m not French but I’m not quite sure what Seri hands to her father at the end.

Did she get what she was looking for or did he? I’m not sure but it’s not a biggie and certainly doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of French (Le Bleu Blanc Rouge De Mes Cheveux). A wonderful short film on the touchy subject of immigration.

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