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The Search For An Absent Father

by OC Movies


After falling out with her mother, young Sofia hitchhikes southwards in search of the father she never had.

Martin Monk

Martin Monk

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When Sofia, Lia Wilfing, decides to run away from her home in Germany, she decides she’s going to hitch-hike to Italy, in search of a father she’s never met.

She thumbs her way from local roads and eventually is picked up by Michael, Christian Dolezal (“Woman In Gold”, “Smooth Operators (TV)”), a man driving to who-knows where for who-knows what reason.

Sofia lies and tells Michael she’s 18, at a rest stop along the way he goes through her bag and finds her ID, realising she isn’t as old as she says.

Naturally this causes a falling out between the pair, but they make-up and continue their journey together. Sofia, a young-woman who likes to talk, feels hard done by, and Michael, a man of few words and no family, take this physical and mental journey together, but where will it lead.

German writer and director Martin Monk (“Alpha Girl (Short)”, “Missfall (Short)”) creates and intriguing short film, bringing teenage angst and absent fathers into the fore.

It’s well shot, well written and is in the Cinefondation category at this years Cannes Film Festival.


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