The Long Lost Bond Between Father And Daughter

by Liselotte Vanophem

Everyone has (or had) a father but unfortunately not everyone is (or was) lucky to spend time with him and Joanna is sadly one of those people.

11th July 2018

Fumi Gomez

Juan Echenique


Father. [fah-th er].noun. A male parent. A father-in-law, stepfather, or adoptive father. Any male ancestor, especially the founder of a family or line; progenitor.

Everyone has (or had) a father but unfortunately not everyone is (or was) lucky to spend time with him and Joanna is sadly one of those people.

Living with her boyfriend Andrea (“yes it’s a girls’ name but he’s Italian”), Joanna, Kheira Bey (“Arthur & George (TV)”, “The Last Panthers (TV)”) is getting a visit from her long lost father, Juan Echenique (“Angels”, “Paste (Short)”).

After leaving her and her mother because of his bad influence and because of his shattered dreams as a musician, he finally found the nerves to re-gain contact with her.

Being emotionally shattered, Joanna does everything in her power to understand the reasons for leaving her and trying to accept his return, but re-connection isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially when there’s more to their conversation than meets the eye…

For those who want to see a movie full of explosions, chasing cars and thrilling actions scenes, you should go and check out the new Mission Impossible film or Skyscraper but not Father.

No, Father is an incredibly moving film fully packed with emotions. According to leading actress Kheira Bey “the smaller cast provides great room for intimacy simply because there are just less actors on set” and that’s exactly how it comes off screen.

The fact that the movie is a two men play from Bey and Echenique makes it indeed feel even more intimate and personal. So hats off to the actors but also to Fumi Gomez (“Angels”, “Paste (Short)”), director and director of photography, for creating the perfect setting and atmosphere for a movie like this.

“She has her independence, she’s not a child anymore and can make her own decisions”. That’s how Bey describes her own character and that’s how we indeed see her.

Bey puts on a wonderful performance as Joanna who’s clearly desperate for answers, who wants to re-connect with her dad but who wants to do it with dignity.

Echenique is also excellent as Marcos, a father who made bad decisions in life, someone who wants his daughter back in his life but at the same time also someone who doesn’t want to face reality.

Something that also contributes to the emotionalism of the film is the open and welcoming cinematography. The combination of the incredibly light colours and a very cosy kitchen really conjectured up the family and “homely” vibe.  A vibe that clearly fits perfectly in this movie.

So do you want to see a movie that will leaves you breathless after the 11 minutes emotional rollercoaster you’ve been going through? Of course you do! So go and check out Father then.

Read our exclusive interview with Kheira Bey here.


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