Falsified Short Film Review

Between the 1930’s and the 1980’s, there were an estimated 300,000 babies stolen from their birth parents in Spain. Something that became known as Los Ninos Robados.

Falsified sees Mitchell Mullen (Utopia (TV), Toast Of London (TV)), as a father trying to find the son that was taken from him some 30 years before.

He finally tracks down Ashley Tabatabai, the writer, co-director and producer of Falsified, in London but has to work to convince him.

Tabatabai has himself been searching for his parents and believed he’d found them once, only to have a DNA test prove him wrong. Will this time be the one for both of them?

Falsified is a very well made short film. The production values are excellent and Tabatabai handles the camera very well indeed.

The slight shortcoming is that, had I just watched the short alone, I wouldn’t have known this was about a wider scandal. It comes across as very much a man looking for his son and son looking for his parents.

It’s not until the end when you’re told the numbers involved and how long it went on for, do you realise there is a wider narrative.

A difficult subject, handled well with a nice production.

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