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Eight Short Films Showcased At The East End Film Festival

28th April 2018
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The East End Film Festival line up is incredible diverse. Not only the astonishing range of different topics but also the length of the movies. Both full length-films as well as short films are screened at the festival.

During the special event “Keep The Family Close”, eight short films were the centre of attention and we totally understand why. Eight totally different films from all over the world, each with one thing in common: they were all amazing!

First up was Bitter Sea from director Fateme Ahmadi, who already pleased us with Chandra and One Thousand & One Teardrops.

Her newest work tells the story of Maria, Ada Condeescu (By The Rails, Siblings), an immigrant worker living in London, and her daughter Tatiana, BelleMarie Ochiana.

To be able to stay in London, Maria has to hide Tatiana from their landlord. It’s a hard period for Maria because she has to juggle her rough professional live with the personal one and it gets too much when Tatiana has an outburst again.

Maria is at her wits end and she doesn’t know how to handle the situation any further. What will she do? That’s for you to find out. With incredible moving performances from both Condeescu and Ochiana, this is a film you must watch!

Short film Fee, directed by Guen Murroni (Bold, Bouquet), is about Peter who’s celebrating the transition to Fee with her friends.

Despite being able to finalize her incredible journey, Fee doesn’t seem to be very happy on the special evening, especially when a voice from the past haunts her.

After gasping for some fresh air outside the pub, she comes across a church where she decides to get rid of that voice once and for all.

Fee isn’t only a great movie when it comes to the magnificent performance from Munroe Bergdorf, transgender herself, but also the incredibly relevant topic.

It makes us realize that being transgender means you always have to battle against prejudices from people. That fight should end now because we all have the right to live our life the way we want.

Right before the screening, first time director Sharmin Ahammad mentioned that her The Toothless Tiger would be a very personal story and that was noticeable from the first second.

With a combination of interviews and historical footage, she tells the story about a daughter talking about the complex relationship she had with her father.

We learn how she remembers her father and what impact he had on her life. The film only lasts for 10 minutes but we get to know a lot about her, her father, her mother but also the whole family.

The fourth great film of the evening was Inside Out from Russell Davidson (The Sticks (Short), Meal Deal (Short)) and it tells the story of a young girl in care who’s feeling alone during the Christmas period.

No one to celebrate it with, she demands her carer take her on an unapproved visit to her alienated mother, who sadly goes through an incredible hard time in her life. If you want to see a gripping and emotional story about something we all deserve, a family, then go and watch Inside Out.

Mamoon, made by director Ben Speer, was the only animation of the night and we total understand why it was one of the nominees in the Best British Short Animation category during this year’s BAFTA Awards.

The film follows a mother who, along with her child, is sadly forced to leave their home when a dark force is extinguishing the light they need to exist. All she can do is follow a red light that might be their saviour. Or will it be too late for them?

These days, most of the young children don’t do anything apart from playing videos games and if you tell them to read a book, they look at you like you’re from another planet.

Not Ivie, Fatima Koroma from Some Sweet Oblivious Antidote, that also stars Lenny Henry (Broadchurch (TV), The Pirates! Band Of Misfits). She’s obsessed with Shakespeare and all she does is talk in his language.

Her mother Esosa, Wunmi Mosaku (Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice) doesn’t have a clue why her daughter can’t have normal conversations and takes her to the church in the hope to get her daughter fixed by the local pastor/therapist.

However, things become even worse when Ivie insults both the pastor as well as the church in general. Will Esosa try another attempt or will she accept that her daughter might be happier the way she is now? Discover that in the new Christiana Ebohon (Doctors (TV), Eastenders (TV)) film. One that will definitely make you laugh a lot in only the 15 minutes it lasts.

Wodwo, the first movie from director Michael Yardley, was the only black and white film of the night and it proves that the story is much more important than the colour.

It’s about a neglected boy that goes on a burglary with his older brother. However, they find more than they bargained for because, sadly, they’re confronted with death. But whose? Do you want to discover that? Then you should definitely watch Wodwo!

The last movie from the night was Pommel. Director Paris Zarcilla (Feel Flows (SHort) chose to make a movie about the though lives of brothers Noah and Isaac, two young Chinese gymnasts.

Bruise, pain and incredibly hard work, they want to do everything they can to become a professional. Despite the fact Isaac is the oldest of the two, he envies Noah a lot for his talent.

The jealousy keeps growing until a point Isaac forgets that it’s his brother and just sees him as a competitor. Apart from hard work, there’s one last thing you can do to make it at the top. Getting rid of the competitors. What will Isaac do?

Remember that Noah is still his brother after all or will his envy and jealousy take the upper hand? This incredible film reflects the hard and strict lives people in China have but also the topic of brotherhood. Go and watch it.

Eight great movies. All divers in both topic and the making off. If you have the chance to catch one of these amazing films, you should definitely take it!


East End Film Festival: Keep The Family Close but these 8 amazing short films even closer

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