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5th October 2016

Showing Simplicity Is Sometimes Stunning

Joanna, played by Sarah Parish (The Holiday, Cutting It) is selling her country home when Steven, played by Robert Emms (War Horse, Kick-Ass 2) shows up as a prospective buyer. What should be a simple viewing, ends up as anything but.

What a fantastically simple idea Dunroamin is but how wonderfully well writer, director and producer Oliver Milburn (The Harsh Light of Day) has put it together.

Both Sarah Parish and Robert Emms shine and Milburn lets them with simple, yet elegant, camera work.

It’s hard to go into too much detail without giving things away but as Joanna opens up her home to this stranger, Steven, he starts to act decidedly odd. He wonders all around the house, picking things up, taking a spade from the shed. It all points to him being a killer, maybe, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Milburn brings the twist with delightfulness, there are a number of ways you know it can go and it’s great when it finally drops.

Stand-out performances and brilliantly written, it’s not hard to see why Raindance liked it.

Joanna is selling her country home when Steven shows up as a prospective buyer.

23rd April 2016

Oliver Milburn

Oliver Milburn

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Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

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