Debris (Desecho)

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2nd December 2019

A man falls off a roof at a construction site. His boss, Armando, Tenoch Huerta (“Spectre”, “How I Spent My Summer”), had said he didn’t look well, but he was keen to keep working.

They wrap him in some tarp and are on the way out of the house when the real big boss, Tadevos, Karren Karagulian (“Tangerine”, “The Florida Project”), arrives. He finds the men, and the one on the tarp, but he won’t let them take the guy to a hospital, or anywhere, as all the workers are there illegally.

He says he’ll call his doctor, who arrives and speaks a different language which isn’t always translated by the boss. The man is injected with something and is told he will be taken to the doctor’s office, he then appears to go into shock and Armando is kicked out of the garage.

Upstairs, the other two works are worried, for their friend and their own lives. Armando picks up a hammer and heads back to the garage, he manages to strike the doctor, but not before he injects him with the same stuff.

As he lays on the garage floor, slowly dying, he turns to see they have drawn what looks like organ part drawings on his friends’ body.

Debris is the latest short film by director Julio O. Ramos (“El Bolerito (Short)”, “Detras del Espejo (Short)”), who also co-wrote with Lucas Mireles (“Range Junkies (Short)”, “Love Analysis (Short)”).

It’s very well shot and very poignant and, obviously, very now. Tadevos looks at these men as mere assets and he’ll make money from them any which way he can, whether they’re dead of alive. It’s a cold and stark film that, sadly, has roots in reality.

Desecho (Debris) is a thriller set in the grim world of human labor trafficking and focuses on the vulnerable lives of illegal construction workers in the United States

Julio O. Ramos

Lucas Mireles, Julio O. Ramos

Running Time:

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