Death Of An Umbrella Salesman

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28th October 2018

Do You Have That In Peach?

Writer and director Steve Herold (“Peeps! (Short)”, “Improv For One (Short)”) sent us over his latest short movie, Death Of An Umbrella Salesman.

Herold shot the movie in Baton Rouge whilst he was working on Killing Fields for the Discovery Channel, just fitting things in between takes, as you do.

The short sees umbrella salesman Kevin Kolack (“Blue Ruin”, “Saturday Night Live (TV)”), attempting to sell large umbrellas, door-to-door. Along the way he faces the obstacles of modern day life, door to door delivery, same day drone delivery as well as big hills up which he has to get himself and his umbrellas.

When eventually he does find a kindly woman to buy his umbrellas, Sabrina Gennarino (“The Walking Dead (TV)”, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”), he loses the sale because she wants it in peach. Only in peach, and he doesn’t have it in peach, who does?

Herold shot the movie in black and white and initially I was struggling to see what the colour choice brought to the film, but it all becomes clear at the end, it’s a polar opposite of the weather and the ‘normal’ choice you’d make as a filmmaker, neat touch.

Kolack is great as the hapless salesman, his oversized suit and frustration as his ex-wife rings him every ten minutes asking about alimony shines through. Equally Gennarino as the Stepford wife-esq character he meets his brilliantly funny.

Death Of An Umbrella Salesman is a nice short film, well shot and well acted it also highlights how far we’ve come since the days of door-to-door sales.

You can catch Death Of An Umbrella Salesman at various screenings coming up in October: Orlando Film Festival in Florida, Southampton International Film Festival in the UK and Sydney Indie Film Festival in Australia.

Stanley Grimp, a door-to-door umbrella salesman, attempts to make a sale, avoid his alimony-hungry Ex and reconcile how his life turned out this way.

Steve Herold

Steve Herold, James L. Palmer

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