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12th April 2020

A young female couple rock up to a large house with a suitcase between them. The Air B&B host isn’t meeting them, there’s a key inside a padlock to which they have the code.

There’s some tension between the pair as Jules, Noreen DeWulf (“Anger Management (TV)”, “Burning Love (TV)”), is trying to get promoted at work so doesn’t take much time off. Her partner Maria, Ashley Bell (“The Last Exorcism”, “Carnage Park”), seems to resent this.

Jules takes the suitcase to the bedroom to unpack whilst Maria opens some wine. Maria shouts to ask Jules if she took her computer out of the car. Receiving no answer, she attempts to leave and get it herself, but the door is locked.

To top it off, Jules is now nowhere to be found, just a suitcase in the bedroom. On the side is a note entitled ‘Dear Guest’, which states Maria must follow some clues to find her friend and free her in time.

She follows the clues and finds Jules tied up in a car in the garage. Freeing her, they run to the back door to escape, but find yet another ‘Dear Guest’ note, this time advising that they have three days to spend, and more to enjoy.

The camera then focusses on an ornament that sits at the side of the pool as this ‘eery’, using the word lightly, music, that plays over large parts of the short film, intensifies before it ends.

There are a few issues with Dear Guest, the first is the music, which puts me in mind of some seventies / eighties TV drama, like Quincy or something. Once I heard it as that I couldn’t get it out of my head.

The second is why don’t the women put something through one of the windows, or maybe use the running Range Rover Jules was tied up in to get out. Maybe I’m going too far, this is a short after all.

As a premise, you’d have to say it has potential, but if it was to be expanded on, it needs a lot more thought.

A couple checks into a vacation rental, only to find that the anonymous host likes to play games on its guests.

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