Dear Chickens (Short)

We Thank You For Your Sacrifice

by OC Movies


When a stubborn old man and a fretful teenaged girl are forced to share a hospital room, an unexpected friendship forms over their hatred of fake cheerfulness and bad hospital food.

Mauro Mueller

Jennie Allen

Running Time:


The coming together of two mismatched people, the odd couple, has been done in film for eons, and it’s no bad thing to see it here again.

Philip Baker Hall (“Boogie Nights”, “50/50”) is in hospital, his latest results from the cancer tests haven’t turned out so well and doctor Friedman, James Eckhouse (“Big”, “The Avengers”), believes he should go again with another round.

Whilst he’s left to mull it over a new patient is brought into his room. Kerris Dorsey (“Moneyball”, “Walk The Line”) is a young girl also awaiting cancer treatment. She has no close family, the hospital ready to call social services.

When the doctor comes back around to get Hall’s decision, he tells the good doctor, and his assistant Linda Park (“Bosch (TV)”, “Jurassic Park III”), in no uncertain terms exactly what he thinks. He won’t go through another round, he’s old, he doesn’t want the pain again.

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Philip Baker Hall in Dear Chickens

The trouble is, his opinions are rubbing off on young Dorsey and, when she repeats his words to the doctor about her own treatment, he realises he must step in and help her make the right decision.


Dear Chickens is a beautiful short film, packed full of emotion and dark humour. It has a great cast and a wonderful message. Writers Jennie Allen (“Relics (Short)”, “Sunday (Short)”) and Mauro Mueller (“Lee (Short)”, “The Cuddle Workshop (Short)”), who also directs, have a lot to be proud of here.


In just 15 minutes they certainly moved me. The subtleness of the film, the gentle approach taken by all juxtaposed with Dorsey and her teenage-tearaway attitude is a lovely touch. How the two bond over food and the circumstances they find themselves in is also wonderful.


Dear Chickens, we hope to see more of Allen and Mueller very soon.


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