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5th June 2020

When You Have To See Someone One Last Time

It must be hard to lose someone you love, someone who has been there for you, with you for so long. When that person was your partner, the loss must be even worse.

This sometimes leaves people trying desperate and foolish things to get back in touch with their loved ones. Visiting clairvoyants, even taking their own lives.

Bill, written and directed by Dan Gitsham (“Ella (Short)”, “And The Baby Screamed (Short)”) and Sophie Mair, deals with one such aspect.

Roxana Vilk, identified only as ‘She’, sits at a table with a photo of her dead husband, Bill, Hugo Stanbury, in front of her.

She drinks an unidentified liquid from a glass. As she talks to the photo in front of her, strange occurrences begin happening in her home around her.

Each time she turns back to the photo, Bill has changed position; a light flickers, Bill is giving a cheeky wink, her glass tumbles to the floor, Bill points, but then the door creaks, loudly and suddenly Bill is covering his eyes, suddenly, She is not alone.

Bill is the shortest of short films, it’s almost a trailer and, if it where a trailer, it would be to a horror film I’d actually want to watch.

It’s extremely well made with high production values and a great stand-alone performance from Vilk. Bill is a fantastic short film, leaving you wanting more.

Bill is a wonderful short horror film from writers and directors Dan Gitsham and Sophie Mair which sees a widow employ the dark arts to see her husband once more.

Dan Gitsham, Sophie Mair

Dan Gitsham, Sophie Mair

Running Time:

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