Big Wolf & Little Wolf

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7th October 2019

Grand Loup And Petit Loup

A big wolf, who lives on top of a hill, under a large tree, is nice and content with his life. He reads his papers, reads his books and eats his food.

Then, one day, out of nowhere, another wolf arrives. This one is much smaller than he is and immediately begins to turn his world upside down. This little wolf makes paper planes from his newspaper and listens to his records very loud.

The big wolf tries and tries to get the small wolf to move on, find a tree of his own. He points one out and then goes for a walk in the forest. He loves being alone and falls asleep. He has a dream about little wolf leaving and wakes in a panic, realising he actually likes having him around.

Racing back to the tree he finds the little wolf gone. Big wolf pines after little wolf, now he doesn’t want to be alone, now he wants his new friend back.

Big Wolf & Little Wolf is a lovely little hand-drawn-esq animation from Belgium and France, loosely based on a children’s book. It’s a sweet short film that you won’t regret watching.

(This review was written as part of the BFI Film Festival London coverage)

Big Wolf is happy being alone, living on his hill, under the tree. But that all changes when Little Wolf arrives.

Celia Riviere

Celia Riviere

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