Big Toast

A Bizarre, Food-Based Love Story

by OC Movies


Toast pines after his former lover Egg, can he win her back?

Sacha Beeley

Sacha Beeley

Sacha Beeley


This four-minute animation is one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen in a while, though it is also one of the funniest, bizarre, but funny.

Toast, as in a piece of toast, used to date Egg, as in, an egg, but he lost her when she caught him in the toilets of a club with someone else, looked like Salami or similar.

Toast pines away for Egg whilst his friend, a head of lettuce, tries to take his mind of things and eventually says ‘let’s go out’.

They get ready, a funny bathroom sceneā€¦involving a piece of toast, and they’re in the club and, wouldn’t you know it, there’s Egg, with her new fella, another peace of Toast. But he’s a beefcake, underwear model piece of toast.

A dance off ensues, because, how else would Toast decide which of them could date Egg, and Toast wins, I mean, our Toast wins, but winning isn’t everything, as he finds out.

Big Toast is absolutely bizarre, how writer/director Sacha Beeley ever came up with the concept we can only image. But it’s here, it’s bonkers, but it’s funny and you should see it.

(This review was written as part of the BFI Film Festival London coverage)


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