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12th April 2020

A Headscratcher

Writer, director and actress Lucy Vico sent us her short film Bend to take a look at.

Bend is a psychological thriller, a teaser for something bigger, longer, which means this short is a stepping-stone really and, therefore, can feel a little short changed.

We get that Fay (Vico) has returned home, we understand that ‘something’ has happened to her sister and that Fay believes she is still out there, which is contrary to what her friend Mina, Iva Hasperger (“Exorcism”, “Vlad”) feels.

But that’s about it, there’s an undertow of supernatural, of ‘something may happen if you do this’, but otherwise there’s very little to go on. Sometimes, just sometimes, a short can be too short.

Bend is a psychological thriller- teaser for a pilot -with mystery, drama, fantasy and supernatural elements

Lucy Vico

Lucy Vico

Running Time:

Tessingtons - Purveyors of Fine Teas

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