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Beauty Queen

A Short Film On Beauty

31st October 2018

Actor Timothy J. Cox (“To Be Alone (Short)“, “Psychic Murder“) was kind enough to send through his latest outing from writer/director Nicholas Goodwin (“Shadow (Short)”).

Beauty Queen tells the story of Christina, Christina Goursky, a teenager who believes she isn’t beautiful, clever, but not beautiful.

All around her at school she sees the beauty in others but can’t see it in herself. She attempts to take some photographs and apply for a modelling job which leads her down the dodgy path into James Jelkin’s (“The Job (Short)”, “Renni (Short)”) photography studio where he begins to tell her to take her clothes off.

Her father, Cox, obviously sees the beauty in her and is as pleased as punch when she is accepted into college, but Christina continues to struggle to see her herself as she is.

Goodwin has shot a lovely 18-minutes of film, there are some very nice touches littered throughout, however, there are some issues with the film that render any nice shots or good acting relatively worthless.

The sound, for starters, is all over the place. You turn it up and then, in the next scene, you’re going deaf. There are some scenes that are so quiet it doesn’t matter how high you have the volume, you just can’t hear them.

This is particularly frustrating in a fireside scene between Cox and Goursky where, not dissimilar to Down A Dark Hall, no-one bothered to turn the light on. The scene is so dark and the sound so quiet, I wasn’t sure if I was just watching a black screen and things had ‘got a bit arty’.

This is a shame as both Cox and Goursky perform wonderfully throughout, this is a particularly nice introduction role for Goursky who performs admirably and it’s one of the best performances from Cox for a while.

It seems like Beauty Queen is trying to tell us that we are all beautiful, that we should all see the beauty within and it doesn’t matter if you’re not beautiful enough to get that modelling job.

This is obviously a lovely message; however, we don’t get to see nearly enough of the other side of Christina. We just see a beautiful woman, who we know has been accepted to college. It’s hard for us to make any further leap than that, though perhaps I missed something when the sound went low.

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Timothy J. Cox in Beauty Queen



Nicholas Goodwin

Nicholas Goodwin

Running Time:

Christina, an adolescent insecure girl, is on her quest to be labelled "beautiful".

Christina Goursky, James Jelkin, Nicholas Goodwin, Timothy J. Cox

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