Baby Mine

Thrilling Short Film About A Poignant Topic

There’s not much you wouldn’t do to protect your family, especially when you have children. You want to give them as much love, care, and advice whenever you can, even though the circumstances might not allow that. That’s exactly what the short movie of director Nour Wazzi (“The Company’s Man”, “Lab Rat”) is about. While at first, “Baby Mine” seems to be an ordinary film about family, there’s much more going on. The result? A stunning, important, and poignant short thriller.

While Sarah (Rachael Stirling) and Soroush (Alexander Siddig) aren’t together anymore, they’re still the proud parents of their little daughter Etti (Grace Taylor). Life hasn’t been kind to them. First Etti got sick and after that their divorce was made official. Now it seems that things are really going off rails for the family.

Soroush decides to kidnap his daughter and to take her to the middle east, where he’s from. After discovering this terrible news, Sarah turns to her racist neighbour Mike (Alex Ferns) to find her precious daughter. Will they be able to save little Etti or will she be gone forever?

Wazzi might not sound familiar to you but that doesn’t mean she’s unknown. On the contrary. In 2017, she was tipped as a future star on BBC’s 2017 hotlist, and from then on, her carrier took off wonderfully. She worked on the Oscar-nominated and Sundance winner Waste Land’ and the multiple award-winning short movie “Habibti”. Her talent and dedication, the amazing cast, and the wonderful made from “Baby Mine” a stirring movie.

First of all, it’s the story that makes from “Baby Mine” such a stunning film. Wazzi wrote this movie together with Shirine Best and Ellie Emptage, who worked together for “Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist”. “Baby Mine” is based on true events and after passing on many notes to each other and re-writes, the script got its final form. One that certainly was thrilling and exciting.

It’s not only the scrip that will draw you to the screen but also the acting performances from the overall cast. The casting of Stirling (“Their Finest”, “Scottish Mussel”) wasn’t easy because many actresses dropped out before shooting this movie. However, she gives a stunning performance as a loving, caring but also distressing and determined mother, who isn’t afraid of fighting for her daughter at all. Taylor brings such a joyful, playful, and emotional performance to this film. While she’s still very young, we hope to see much more of her in the (near) future.

According to director Wazzi, Siddig (“21 Bridges”, “Game of Thrones”) always gave her something different in every take and made it look easy. Well, we share that very same opinion. While his character is a violent, short-tempered and abusive one, Siddig is capable of bringing nuances to this movie. Last but not least there’s Ferns (“Retaliation”, “Chernobyl”) as the neighbour. While we don’t see a lot of Mike we feel the presence, hatred, and determination of thanks to Ferns’s fine performance.

The cast and crew might not be as well-known as it should be but we’re pretty sure that that will change after people have watched this short movie. Baby Mine is a electrifying, dark, captivating, and well-executed short film about a very important topic.

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When her volatile Middle Eastern husband kidnaps their child, Sarah blindly recruits a prejudiced neighbour to hunt them down. A sense of dread slowly tightens its grip as a little girl's life hangs in the balance and a new threat rears its head.

19th June 2021

Nour Wazzi

Nour Wazzi, Shirine Best, Eleanor Emptage

Running Time:

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