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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

A New Epic Star Wars Land Opens In Two Disneyland Parks

31st May 2019
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Have you always wanted to travel through a galaxy far, far away? Then your dream is coming true. Together with Lucasfilm, Disney is about to open a new stunning land in two Disneyland Parks “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”.

This newest collaboration between these two creative powerhouses had its official launch at Disneyland Park in California on 31st of May 2019 and at the end of August, the people in Florida will be able to go on thrilling adventures as Disney’s Hollywood Studios welcomes this new land on the 29th of August. It’s an absolute must-visit for every Star Wars fan and here’s why.

During the epic adventures, you’re transported to Batuu, the place where it all began, thanks to the amazing combination of unique sights, sounds, smells, tastes and other immersive experiences.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Batuu, it’s a far-flung destination along the galaxy’s Outer Rim and it’s home to Black Spire Outpost, an infamous port for adventurers, smugglers, and traders. If you’re stepping into the Black Spire Outpost, you will come across aliens, droids and other inhabitants and you might also encounter some familiar faces, including Rey, Chewbacca or even Supreme Leader Kylo Ren and his Stormtroopers.

One of the signature attractions that you will adore is the “Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run” and it’s the fantasy of everyone who ever wanted to set foot in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Guests are able to take control over the ship as either pilots, gunners or engineers but you will have to rely on the help from others to fly the ship through space safe and sound.

If you feel more adventurous than “just flying the Millennium Falcon”, the second attraction “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” is something right up your alley. It’s being described as ‘one of the most ambitious, advanced and immersive experiences ever undertaken by Walt Disney Imagineering’ and so it sounds like something you just can’t miss.

As a visitor, you will be placed in the heart of the climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance, including a faceoff with Kylo Ren. You are being taken on a harrowing and thrilling adventure, one that you definitely want to be part of.

When we think about Star Wars, the immensely well-known and recognizable musical score from Academy Award-winning composer John Williams comes to mind and Williams decided to go further than ever.

While walking throughout the Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, you will hear all-new Williams-composed themes written especially for the new land and its attractions.

One thing that’s key in “Star Wars: Galaxy Edge” is without a doubt the interaction with the audience and that’s why the Play Disney Park mobile app was released.

It offers interactive adventures and experiences and when guests choose to use the app in “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge”, they can transform the app into their very own Star Wars: Datapad. You will be able to translate a galactic language or to learn what’s hidden inside crates and containers. Throughout the day, guests may participate in a multiplayer game “Outpost Control,” to support either the Resistance or the First Order.

If shouting your lungs out during multiple rides or learning the language you’ve always wanted to speak isn’t enough to satisfy your Star Wars needs, then no worries! There are so much more gems to discover.

You can pay a visit to The Droid Depot where you can construct your own astromech droids or you can go to the Savi’s Workshop to craft and customize your very own lightsabers. If you’re on the lookout for rare and mysterious items, including holocrons, ancient Jedi and Sith artifacts, lightsabers and more, then put the Inside Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities on your “to-visit” list.

Yes, it’s a trip far far away to either Florida or California but you’re a Star Wars fan, a visit to “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” is probably worth it! If you’re not a 100% convinced, then take a look at never seen before images.

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