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Pledge Your Return To The Cinema With #MoviesTogether

21st April 2020
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Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Mubi and other great streaming platforms are our closest friends these days. While we’re able to practice social distancing by watching movies from the comfort of our homes, many of us would love nothing more than to return to the cinema to catch blockbusters, independent films, documentary and everything in between on the big screen.

The current closure of the cinemas doesn’t not only means unprecedented times for the film goers but also for the film-industry. When this is over, will the audience return to sitting in a packed room full of strangers?

We hope so and we’re not the only ones! Movie fans from all over the world are now coming together for the #MoviesTogether campaign.

With this new campaign, film lovers don’t only want to share their love for movies and cinema-going but also want to express optimism and unity from the four major corners of cinema. This includes audiences, filmmakers, studios, and exhibitors.

The #MoviesTogether campaign wants to assure that, despite the closed cinemas, the love for film is still present and that cinema lovers will return to the movies once it’s allowed. Via #MoviesTogether you can stay connected with film fans and even more so by creating communities and clubs with the MyFilmClub app (available on iTunes and Google Play).

So share your love for film, connect with other movie lovers and assure the film-industry that someday everything will be alright again. Pledge your return to the cinema via and see you hopefully soon in a cinema near you!


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