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Spectre Breaks Box Office Records

James Bond’s latest outing Spectre has broken box office records in the UK

Rihanna Joins Luc Besson’s Sci-fi Valerian Movie

Writer/director Luc Besson has today revealed that singer Rihanna will have a large part in his upcoming $180 million dollar 3D sci-fi epic Valerian

Tribeca Teams Up With Chanel To Launch Women’s Filmmaker Program

A hot topic at the moment, generally but nowhere more so than in Hollywood, is the role of female writers, directors and actors in the movie industry.

Watch The 2015 Royal World Premiere Of Spectre Live

Watch the CTBF Royal Film Performance 2015. The World Premiere of the new James Bond film Spectre.

Tom Hiddleston Becomes First BFI Ambassador

The British Film Institute (BFI) have announced the Tom Hiddleston will become its first official Ambassador.

Will Any Director Accept The Star Wars Challenge?

And so it begins, or ends, or starts…one of them. Yet another director has turned down directorial duties on the new Disney paid-for Star Wars VII movie .

Jackie Chan Karate Chops His Goodbye To Action Movies

So I think I may have mentioned this before. Perhaps once or twice, I don’t go on about it…honest…but I’m a massive Jackie Chan fan