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Our Very Own Curt Wiser Gets Latest Film Optioned

17th July 2018
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OC Movie Reviews very own writer Curt Wiser has had his latest feature film optioned by Sylvia Caminer.

Sylvia Caminer with DolGer Films found Curt’s 30 Night Stand script on InkTip and optioned it from Curt Wiser.

Sylvia is a prolific producer with many feature credits to her name, including the crime/thriller “Aftermath,” starring Anthony Michael Hall.

Curt has been with InkTip since 2009. He recently wrote and directed the suspense feature “Cam-Girl,” now available for streaming and on DVD, and has a crime biopic in development with his co-writer Al Mauro. This is Curt’s first option through InkTip.

30 Night Stand is a romantic comedy: tensions rise and sparks fly when a woman is cunning enough to turn a one night affair into an opportunity to live with a man rent free.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the movie, exclusively here.

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