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Great British Film & TV Map

From Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick

11th November 2019
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If, like me, you have an innate curiosity about things, particularly Film and TV things, then the Great British Film & TV Map from Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick could be right up your street.

This double-sided map contains over 2,000 film and TV filming locations across Great Britain. The map folds out to a massive 100 x 89 centimetres, so you had better get practicing your origami skills!

One side of the map contains details of filming locations, independent cinemas, film societies and things generally related to film & TV, as well details of film festivals and events.

Despite the size of the map, some of the writing can be on the small side making it a little difficult to read without getting right up close, particularly in popular locations such as London, but this is nit-picking, there’s obviously nothing to stop you getting as close as you wish.

Flip the map over and you have a road trip around Great Britain, providing you don’t count Lincolnshire as it seems to avoid that area for some reason, guess you can’t cover everywhere.

The side of the map also contains details about film & TV festivals and events and which month they are in.

In terms of the map, there’s not a lot to say. I imagine it doesn’t contain absolutely everything, that would mean the font would be miniscule, but there are some surprises and plenty of locations that appear time and time again.

In this day and age of mobiles and apps, it feels like it would be better as an app, particularly with the road trip. However, the map is available in a flat, framed mount and this would look great in your study or cinema room, it would certainly be a talking point.

The Lavishly Produced Great British Film and TV Map is available from (from £14.99) in folded, poster or framed format. 100 cm x 89 cm. Dreamed up, designed and made in Britain using FSC-certified paper. Perfect for film buffs and TV fans of every kind.

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