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Jean Luc Herbulot


Born and raised in Congo Brazzaville. Jean Luc started drawing and writing at a very young age, rapidly followed by music and video game programming. In 2000, Jean Luc flew to Paris to pursue Economics before transferring his creative interests into Graphic design. He worked for TF1 for six years before moving to LA. Repped by WME, he shot his first feature in 2014. DEALER became the first French indie movie bought by Netflix. Moving back to Africa in 2017, he created his first TV series Sakho and Mangane, produced by Canal Plus. Sakho and Mangane made history by becoming the first French language African TV series bought by Netflix. In 2019, he partnered with producer Pamela Diop in Dakar, Senegal and together they started Lacmé Studios in order to create a stronghold for African filmmaking, starting with Saloum, which Jean Luc wrote and directed in 2020.


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