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Ilya Naishuller

Born: 1983-11-19

Place of Birth: Moscow, RSFSR, USSR


Russian film director, film actor, producer, screenwriter and frontman of the indie rock band Biting Elbows. Father is an oligarch - Viktor Naishuller. From 8 to 14 he studied in London. After returning to Russia, he graduated from the British International School in Yasenevo. Has no higher education. Naishuller dropped out of the Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting, then entered the university in the state of New York, but did not graduate either. In 2008 he founded the Russian indie rock band Biting Elbows, in which he released two studio albums. In March 2013, he directed the Biting Elbows' "Bad Motherfucker" YouTube video with a total of over 40 million views. In 2015, he directed the action movie Hardcore with Shalto Copley, Hayley Bennett, Danila Kozlovsky, Dariya Charusha and Svetlana Ustinova based on his own script; he also produced and co-directed the TV series «Barvikha». In 2016 he shot a video for The Weeknd's «False Alarm», and in 2017 - for the song of the «Leningrad» group «Kolshchik». Since the summer of 2010, he has been married to actress Dariya Charusha.


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