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The Muppets

It’s Time To Have Some Fun, It’s Time To Laugh Out Loud…

11th February 2012

OK, so at heart, I’m just a MASSIVE kid! Or at least so it would seem. I was sooo excited about the Muppets movie that I only read one review, didn’t see any trailers and went along with my girlfriend (she wasn’t happy, wanted to see The Vow!), this is most unlike me.

So going into the movie I had very few expectations, let’s face it this could go either way, a massive train wreck, or Muppety-barrell-of-laughs.

I’m happy to say it’s the latter of the two. Yes it’s silly, very, and yes perhaps the humans get some of the best lines, but this is a very funny, laugh out loud movie of epic piss-taking proportions.

Writers Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller appear to have had the best time, taking the piss out of everything and everyone, including an evil looking Muppet with an English accent, who points out the fact he looks evil and has an English accent! Uncle Deadley voiced by American Matt Vogel.

The most surprising thing about the movie was the amount of music numbers there were. That did catch me off guard but they to are gloriously silly and funny. Lots of mouth warbling from Amy Adams and Segel, in a piss taking way again. The characters in the movie also acknowledge the singing which make for some funny moments:

Adams: You’re sure you don’t want to go back?

Segel: No, I’m fine, I’ve just done a whole song about it and everything.

The story centres around Segels brother Walter, voiced by Peter Linz, who’s a Muppet who adores The Muppet show and the Muppets. So when Gary (Segel) takes a trip with girlfriend Mary (Adams) to Hollywood and invites Walter along, he’s beside himself with joy at the thought of taking the Muppets studio tour.

When they get there however, they discover the studio is falling down and about to be taken over by evil oil tycoon Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) who is going to flatten it.

Now the story is the reasonably familiar Muppets have to save the day, but it is very well executed.

They begin by picking up the rest of the Muppets, in a Blues Brothers-esq way, who have disbanded somewhat, once they’ve picked up Fozzie Bear and a few others they pick up the rest ‘by montage’. A point which Roowlf points out, saying he’s surprised his story didn’t get fully shown as he thought it was interesting. They then cut to his story which is just, as he himself says, classic!

Miss Piggy, the final person to find, is in Paris, France so they decide to ‘travel by map’ to speed things up.

I could go on and on with these little subtle/not so subtle points that have been put in that take the piss out of plenty of other movies but I won’t spoil it.

The theatre we watched this in was packed out, it was a late showing so there weren’t that many children but quite a few. However, it was the adults, particularly those around their late 20’s/early 30’s who were laughing the most.

If you just want a silly movie that will make you laugh then you can’t go wrong with this. Cameos ahoy as well as Alan Arkin, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong, Jim Parsons, Sarah Silverman, Emily Blunt, Whoopi Goldberg, Selena Gomez, Dave Grohl (playing a human Animal, very good!), Neil Patrick Harris, Judd Hirsch, Rico Rodriguez and Mickey Rooney all play parts of varying degrees of length.



James Bobin

Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller

OK, so at heart, I’m just a MASSIVE kid! Or at least so it would seem.

James Bobin, Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller

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