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Same Boat

13th April 2020

In the 29th century, time travel has been achieved. Time travelling assassins have been dispatched throughout history to eliminate individuals who would do damage to the future. The results have been mixed.
So says the text at the start of Same Boat, a fabulous indie movie from the gang that previously brought us Empathy, Inc.
In the beginning we are introduced to James, Chris Roberti (who also directed the movie), and his assistant Mot, Julia Schonberg, as they assassinate a couple who would have invented reality TV.
Next we cut to a cruise ship that’s about to set sale as Lilly, Tonya Glanz (“The Last Black Man In San Francisco”, “Gotham (TV)”), breaks up with her boyfriend Rob, Evan Kaufman (“Senior Escort Service”, “Sweet Parents”), which is harsh.
Coincidentally, the next target for our time-travelling duo happens to be Lilly, who will, if left to her own devices, go on to discover a legal loophole that would allow companies to pollute the atmosphere.
On the ship, Mot becomes seriously sea-sick and is stuck in the room. James meanwhile, manages to lose his papers whilst scanning through on deck and decides to take the opportunity to spend a few days enjoying himself.
In doing so, he ends up meeting Lilly, initially not knowing it’s her he’s meant to kill, and also her ex-boyfriend Rob, who he befriends and prevents jumping off the ship when James is drunk one night.
As time passes, James and Lilly spend more and more time together and James becomes further and further away from the idea of killing her, believing instead that people can be changed through kindness.
Whilst watching the movie you must remember that the whole thing was secretly filmed on board the ship it takes place. All those ‘extras’ in the background are genuinely people on their holidays, I don’t believe they had any idea they were about to be in a movie.
The story is by Josh Itzkowitz and Mark Leidner who created Empathy, Inc, with additional material by Chris Roberti.
It’s very well done. Obviously, people will have camcorders on holiday and some people can go OTT with theirs so I guess people may just have had camera envy rather than thinking anything was untoward.
But still, some of the scenes they manage to pull off are simply brilliant. Whilst the acting is a bit hit and miss at times, this is a fun, and at times funny, story and it looks like everyone had a great time making it.



A time traveling assassin inadvertently falls in love with his target aboard a cruise ship.

Chris Roberti, David Bly, Josh Itzkowitz, Mark Leidner, Tonya Glanz

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