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OMG, I’m A Robot!

The Robots Are Coming, From Israel

26th November 2019

It was only a matter of time before Israel made a feature film that made it beyond their own boundaries, OMG, I’m A Robot! may have taken a while, but thanks to High Octane Pictures, it’s here.

This is low budget comedy sci-fi done well. It’s silly, on every level, from the story to the effects to the acting, but together, it kinda’ works. It’s cute, it’s funny, it’s completely bonkers, c’mon, it’s a man who is a robot!

That man is Danny Bernstein, Yotam Ishay (“Endtime”, “Rock The Casbah”), a hopeless romantic who dreams of growing old with his girlfriend Noa, Hili Yalon (“The Eight (TV)”, “For My Father”). However, she just can’t take how damn sensitive Danny is, he cries at Home Alone, and Kindergarten Cop.

She dumps him, and his heart is broken. After months of trying to get hold of her he decides to take his own life, but that’s when his life changes forever as he discovers, OMG, I’m A Robot!

He also discovers that Noa has been kidnapped by her flatmate Maya, Inna Bakelman (“Suicide”, “Sabri Maranan (TV)”), and her father Dror Keren (“Suspect (TV)”, “Suicide”), and so together with the boss of the weapons company he works for, Tzahi Grad (“Big Bad Wolves”, “That Lovely Girl”), he sets out to get her back.

There’s also a bin-sized robot that crops up at one point that acts as a kind of R2D2, saying “uh-oh” a lot and “god be with you”, this is voiced by Rob Schneider (“The Ridiculous 6”, “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo”).

OMG, I’m A Robot! is daft, the best kind of daft. The kind whereby people notice someone is a robot but take it all in their stride. The kind whereby Noa can spend the latter half of the film in nothing more than a white shirt, no trousers or shoes, and everyone be totally fine with that.

It reminded me of Turbo Kid, the cheesy CGI and fight scenes. It doesn’t take itself anywhere near as serious as Turbo Kid, but if you liked that, you’ll like this.

Writers and directors Tal Goldberg and Gal Zelezniak previously worked together on the short film The Library, back in 2008 and have come together for OMG, I’m A Robot!

Look, it’s silly, it’s cheesy, the CGI isn’t great and some of the story points don’t necessarily add up, but it is good fun and for a low budget, they’ve done well.



Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak

Tal Goldberg, Gal Zelezniak

Running Time:
1h 15min

An overly emotional guy finds out he's a - Robot.

Dror Keren, Gal Zelezniak, Hili Yalon, Inna Bakelman, Rob Schneider, Tal Goldberg, Tzahi Grad, Yotam Ishay

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