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No Alternative

90's Grunge On The Screen

21st March 2019

This is a coming-of-age movie and a homage to almost every teenager growing up in the grunge-era of the early nineties. More than that though it’s a deeply personal story written and directed by William Dickerson who also wrote the 2012 novel upon which the film is based.

Michaela Cavazos is wonderful as the disturbed Bridget Harrison, her character is well observed (although possibly a little cliched) but she’s believable even in her darkest moments. There are one or two thoroughly cringy moments, though others might call these brilliant – her first performance as Bri Da B (her gangster persona she develops as a total rejection of her brothers punk-rock) being one.

Conor Proft (Thomas Harrison) and Michaela have an interesting chemistry as siblings that’s fraught with silent misunderstanding but again feels very true to life.

Without spoiling the plot, towards the end the film does take a sudden turn which seems to be making a point rather than following the rhythm of the movie.

Whilst the final scene rounds off the film well enough though, I did find it more than a little awkward though that may well have been the point.

There’s some great background music in the movie although probably not suited to everyone’s tastes. Personally I would liked to have heard even more and spent a good while trying track down Latterday Saints – Turbulence (to no avail).



William Dickerson

William Dickerson

Running Time:
1h 44min

This coming-of-age drama blasts open the world of grunge-era teenagers in the early 90s.

Conor Proft, Harry Hamlin, Michaela Cavazos, William Dickerson

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