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Killers Anonymous

Hi, My Name's Bob And I'm A Killer

28th August 2019

You’ve all heard of AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and NA, Narcotics Anonymous. Well, why not KA, Killers Anonymous? A place where killers can go to talk about, well, killing.

That’s some-way towards the premise for Killers Anonymous, the latest film from writer and director Martin Owen (writer and director of the upcoming “The Intergalactic Adventures Of Max Cloud”), with help from writers Seth Johnson (“Dave (Short)”, “SoCal Now (TV)”) and Elizabeth Morris (“Let’s Be Evil”, “Abducted”).

Markus, Tommy Flanagan (“Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2“, “The Ballad Of Lefty Brown”), Leandro, Michael Socha (“Chernobyl (TV)”, “Papillon”), Calvin, Tim McInnerny (“Notting Hill”, “Spooks: The Greater Good”), Krystal, Elizabeth Morris (“Interface”, “Abducted”) and Ben, Elliot James Langridge (“Northern Soul”, “Hollyoaks (TV)”), meet regularly at these KA meetings, hosted by vicar Jo, MyAnna Buring (“Kill List”, “The Descent”).

Usually, these meetings go fine. But tonight, tonight is different. Firstly a new girl has turned up at the meeting, Alice, Rhyon Nicole Brown (“Empire (TV)”, “Lincoln Heights (TV)”), who doesn’t want to talk and tonight is also the night a US senator, Sam Hazeldine (“The Hitman’s Bodyguard“, “Grimsby”), has been shot. Thought dead until he turns up at the meeting with a bullet hole in his shoulder.

This is when the meeting goes from calm and relaxed, with some ego, to even more crazy then it already was as the senator reveals a secret Jo, and others, would sooner he kept quiet.

Whilst this little meeting is going on, outside it is being watched by The Man, Gary Oldman (“Darkest Hour“, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard“), who drinks wine whilst giving orders, spying through his binoculars.

To add to the drama a young girl is found spying on the group, Isabelle Allen (“Let’s Be Evil”, “Safe (TV)”), with the killers suddenly unable to do their job on this youth.

Killers Anonymous is a stylishly directed movie, Owen gives the film a distinct style, the room of the meeting has a seventies vibe, there’s some animation in the early scene as Jessica Alba (“Fantastic Four”, “Sin City”) gets her ass handed to her.

As each killer takes turns telling their story, who they are, why they do what they do etc, Owen singles them out, lighting giving clues before the story begins, cut-scenes playing out in-situ or dream-like.

All this is lovely and makes the film worth watching. Sadly, the story can’t quite live up to the aesthetics. It feels jumpy, nervous somehow, like there’s a million stories to tell but it isn’t quite sure which one to focus on, so some get the full attention, others get very little.

In some parts the casting is great, Oldman flip-flops between calm therapist and pissed off cockney. McInnerny is wonderful as the creepy doctor who likes to see his patients die and Flanagan works as the streetfighter.

Others feel a little out of place though, whether that’s casting, acting or the role they’ve been given I’m not clear. Socha feels like an unnecessary character, Brown should change upon the big reveal but I just didn’t buy-it.

I’m still unsure if I completely liked Killers Anonymous. It certainly isn’t bad, but it certainly didn’t blow me away, but there is something about it, something intriguing. Either-way I like Owen’s style as a director and can’t wait to see more of his stuff.



27th August 2019

Martin Owen

Martin Owen, Seth Johnson, Elizabeth Morris

Running Time:
1h 35min

A support group of killers is held regularly. The participants sit in a circle of trust and share their transgressions.

Elizabeth Morris, Elliot James Langridge, Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Martin Owen, Michael Socha, MyAnna Buring, Rhyon Nicole Brown, Sam Hazeldine, Seth Johnson, Suki Waterhouse, Tim Mcinnerny, Tommy Flanagan

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