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Jailbreak Pact

Pacto De Fuga

26th March 2021

You wait for ‘inspired by real life’ prison escape movies from countries other than USA or UK (no-one is waiting for this) and two come along at once (quite far apart really).

Sluggish on the heels of the Daniel Radcliffe starring Escape from Pretoria, comes Jailbreak Pact, or Pacto de Fuga, based on the real life prison escape in 1990 when 49 prisoners spent 18 months digging a tunnel to escape from prison.

I mean, that’s pretty much the movie; some prisoners, spend quite a lot of time, digging a tunnel to escape from the Pinochet loving prison in Chile.

Director David Albala (“Soy Chile, soy diverso (Short)”, “Elevation (Short)”) wrote the film along with six others and it seems like none of them wanted to yield on their parts as the film has a mammoth two hour and 15-minute run-time.

It’s tough going, I’m not going to lie, it’s not that it’s a bad film per say, it’s just that it could have been cut to a more manageable 1.30 or 1.45 quite easily.

The performances are good from the prisoners, the guards are less convincing and whoever wrote the character of the prosecutor needs to have a rethink. He’s about as scary as a wet fish.

It is hard to say much about Jailbreak Pact as you know the ending and, despite an attempt to inject some jeopardy into proceedings by sticking a snitch amongst the rebels, it never really amounts to anything.

The men work hard, cover their tracks, store tons of soil in a surprising place and have very few obstacles in their way.

And I guess here’s the rub; it’s a fantastic story on paper, a magnificent achievement getting so many people out, but without much else on the periphery, there’s not a lot you can do with proceedings.



1st March 2020

David Albala

David Albala, Raúl Blanchet, Loreto Caro-Valdes, José Córdova-Llanos, Manola Palomera, Susana Quiroz-Saavedra, Cecilia Ruz

Running Time:
2h 15min

This drama is inspired on a real event in 1990 when 49 political prisoners escaped from a tunnel that took 18 months to dig.

Alberto Ellena, Amparo Noguera, Benjamín Vicuña, Carolina Paulsen, Cecilia Ruz, David Albala, José Córdova-Llanos, Loreto Caro-Valdes, Manola Palomera, Raúl Blanchet, Susana Quiroz-Saavedra

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