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Golden Job

Huang Jin Xiong Di

20th April 2019

Playing very much on the early days of Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao movies, even featuring Eric Tsang (“Vampire Cleanup Department“, “My Lucky Stars”, “Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars”), who starred in a lot of those movies (and also produces here, alongside Jackie Chan), Golden Job attempts to bring that vibe to the modern era.

Five “brothers”, who all grew up in an orphanage together, fight their way through thick and thin, each with their own specialism, but all adept with a gun or two.

Lion, Ekin Cheng (“The Storm Riders”, “Young And Dangerous”), is the leader of the gang which features: Crater, Jordan Chan (“Young And Dangerous”, “Bio-Zombie”), Bill, Michael Tse (“Turning Point”, “Rivals Of The Dragon”), Dan Ding, Kar Lok Chin (“Shinjuku Incident”, “Cold War”), and Mouse, Jerry Lamb (“Young And Dangerous”, “Legends Of The Three Kingdoms”).

Tsang is the “Papa” of this group, that look like an old boy-band coming back for a reunion tour. Golden Job differs from those early Chan, Hung, Biao movies in that it’s not funny (don’t think it’s meant to be), is far more violent (people actually die, lots of them, like Commando levels of death) and the CGI is rubbish.

The story is all-over the place and, adding to the boy-band reunion vibe, it’s full of music, the type of which you’d get at the end of those eighties and nineties Jackie Chan movies.

Basically, Bill gets greedy and steals some gold all for himself with the help of the gang’s former boss Rick Rice, Sergej Onopko (“Red Sparrow“, “Spy”). This splits the boy-band up and, when all Bill wants is to be left alone with his gold, his brothers come looking for him and the film takes a sudden and dark twist that doesn’t make a great deal of sense, but that just adds to the confusion.

There’s quite a lot of shoot-outs in Golden Job, plenty of explosions, some awful car-chases, I’m struggling to think of a Chinese or Hong Kong-made movie that had a good car chase, despite some awesome cars, and lots of soaring, sing-along music.

The film’s directed by Kar Lok Chin who also wrote the screenplay alongside: Susan Chan (“Who Am I?”, “Tokyo Raiders”), Chi-Yin Cheung (“Triumph In The Skies”), Dong-kyu Kim (“Action Boys”, “Confession Of Murder”), Kin-Lok Kwok (“Golden Brother”, “Buddy Cops”), Erica LI (“The Leakers”) and Heiward Mak (“I Love Hong Kong”, “Ex”), which at least explains why the story is all over the place”

Still, at a sprightly one-hour and 40 minutes, the movie does zip-along, the dialogue is thick and fast, as is the action.

The acting is ok, lots of steely looks and crocodile tears and plenty of smiles and reliving of old memories, but everyone performs well. A lot of the cast were in Young And Dangerous (including director Chin), though the film seems to bear no resemblance.

Golden Job is something you can put on, watch, and then instantly forget. It won’t wow you, it won’t leave a lasting impression, but it will keep you entertained and some of the stunts, particularly in the latter, compound scenes, are decent.



30th May 2019

Kar Lok Chin

Kar Lok Chin, Susan Chan, Chi-Yin Cheung, Dong-kyu Kim, Kin-Lok Kwok, Erica LI, Heiward Mak

Running Time:
1h 40mins

A group of mercenaries come together to pull of an epic heist.

Chi-Yin Cheung, Dong-kyu Kim, Ekin Cheng, Eric Tsang, Erica LI, Heiward Mak, Jerry Lamb, Jordan Chan, Kar Lok Chin, Kin-Lok Kwok, Michael Tse, Sergej Onopko, Susan Chan

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