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Danger Close: The Battle Of Long Tan

We’re Not Here To F*ck Spiders

2nd April 2020

Like all good war films, Danger Close features plenty of bullets, bombs, swearing, helicopters, APC’s and shouting, lots of shouting.

Long Tan, a rubber plantation in South Vietnam, was the scene for an epic battle on August 18th, 1966 when an Australian company of 108, held off some 2,500 Vietnamese soldiers who attacked wave, after wave.

Major Harry Smith, Travis Fimmel (“Warcraft: The Beginning”, “Vikings (TV)”), also known as ‘The Rat Catcher’, is the man in charge as his company is sent to replace one that has been away from base and found absolutely nothing.

Smith, desperate for more action, is sure this is another pointless mission that will result in zero action. How wrong he is. The company ends up being split into three.

The first section ends up being pinned down a few hundred metres from the second section who themselves are a tens of metres from ‘HQ’, or the third and final part of the company.

Brigadier David Jackson, Richard Roxburgh (“Hacksaw Ridge”, “Van Helsing”), writes off the whole company, believing the whole thing to be a trap, expecting an attack on the base any minute. Particularly when Jack, Alexander England (“Alien: Covenant”, “Little Monsters”), calls in a bomb strike on his own company’s location.

What follows is a monumental stand-off and rescue mission as Smith manages to combine his company again and hold off wave after wave after wave of Vietnamese attack whilst they await the APC’s to arrive.

The company are helped by a single American airstrike and lots and lots of artillery strikes from base, some of which are dangerously close to the men, hence the name.

Kriv Stenders (“Red Dog”, “Two/Out”) is the man in charge of the cameras and he does a good job. There’s the obligatory slow-motion scene but it is visually stunning as we see artillery fire, machine guns fire, shells explode and more.

Danger Close: The Battle Of Long Tan is a good looking, gripping film that tells a remarkable story with the necessary feeling you need with true-life war films.



6th April 2020

Kriv Stenders

Stuart Beattie, James Nicholas, Karel Segers, Paul Sullivan, Jack Brislee

Running Time:
1h 58min

Director Kriv Stenders brings the remarkable true story of The Battle Of Long Tan when 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers stave off 2500 Vietnamese soldiers

Aaron Glenane, Alexander England, Jack Brislee, James Nicholas, Karel Segers, Kriv Stenders, Paul Sullivan, Richard Te Are, Stuart Beattie, Toby Blome, Travis Fimmel, Uli Latukefu

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