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Cold Feet

Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law

11th November 2021

Writer, director and actor Allen C. Gardner recently sent us a couple of his movies including his most recent, Cold Feet. You can do the same here.

Cold Feet sees Allen as Eddie, who arrives at a house with his friends for his bachelor party, a day or so before his rehearsal dinner ahead of the big day.

With Eddie are his best men: Kyle, Drew Paslay (“Vicious Cargo (Short)”, “We Got Lucky”), who is always talking about his wife and kids, Neil, Nathan Ross Murphy (“Kill Game”, “HoneyBee”), who is gay and everyone says, “sorry Neil” if the word gay is uttered.

There’s also: Ben, Gabe Arredondo (“Save Yourself”, “We Got Lucky”), a stuntman, though he has a fear of water, Mason, Matthew Stiller (“The Fugue”, “Bunnyman”), who is “stringing along” his current girlfriend and Jeff, Matthew Gilliam (“We Got Lucky”, “Bad, Bad Men”), whose girlfriend recently left him and he’s not really over it.

Later, two more of Eddie’s friends arrive in: Johnny, Adam Burns (“Bad, Bad Men”, Act One”), the one who seems to have been dating forever and Boyd, Matt Mercer (“Artik”, “Bliss”), the one who takes copious drugs.

The party doesn’t ever really get going and as the gang are arguing over who should have ordered a stripper, in walks Courtney, Najarra Townsend (“Portal”, “Watch If You Dare”), dressed in a sexy nurse’s uniform.

Queue a montage in which drinks are downed and Johnny winds up in bed with Courtney. However, he can’t bring himself to go through with it. This, coupled with Eddie’s second thoughts about going through with the wedding, owing to some thoughts about a co-worker Kim, Hayden Blane (“Fogg”, “Scent (Short)”), sees things get weird.

The boys become possessed, individually, two cops show up, who are pretty inept, the house is surrounded by snipers, who won’t let them leave, and Courtney, right before stabbing herself in the kitchen, hid all their mobile phones.

It takes Oscar, John Speredakos (“Depraved”, “Stray Bullets”), the man who rented them the house in the first place, to tell them what’s going on when he arrives later. The house is haunted, by his ex-wife Rhonda. Now she wants a new body, and a new man, and one of those lucky boys gets to be it!

Cold Feet is a twisted, at times, bizarre movie, but it certainly keeps you interested. It’s a short, sharp, dark-comedy and Allen C. Gardner keeps things moving along nicely at all times.

Some of the characters are, perhaps, on the cliched side, sort of the opposite of all the superhero’s only being good at one thing, but it gives them a reason behind why they are the way they are.

Whilst Cold Feet is definitely odd, it’s kind of a nice odd. It’s an ensemble piece and Gardner does well to give everyone a chance to be their character, I could imagine it would work well as a play too.



Brad Ellis, Allen C. Gardner

Allen C. Gardner

Running Time:
1h 23mins

At a rented house, Eddie and his best friends unite for his bachelor party. The next day, though, a fight for sanity and survival begins.

Adam Burns, Allen C. Gardner, Brad Ellis, Drew Paslay, Gabe Arredondo, John Speredakos, Matthew Gilliam, Matthew Stiller, Najarra Townsend, Nathan Ross Murphy

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