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Apocalypse Rising

Zombies, In Leather

17th September 2018

What would you call a movie that is a sci-fi, adventure, zombie story with heavy biblical overtones?  If that sounds like a schizophrenic narrative, that was the description I was going for.

Given that, Apocalypse Rising is highly original.  The movie is about Mia, played by Hunter Alexes Parker (“Run Coyte Run (TV)”, “Anomaly”) and five other alien space travellers who land on earth to stop an impending apocalypse, the same kind that wiped out their home planet.

The year is 2074 and things are about to change fast for us humans.  It turns out a genetic mutation causes our species to turn into zombies.  The dead shall rise and attack the living.

The biblical references in Apocalypse Rising are on the nose, all of the action takes place in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea starts to spiral as a warning that the zombies are coming.

What makes this blend of genres so bizarre, is that they contradict each other.  Apocalypse Rising has some vulgar humor and visuals that anyone who is religious would be repulsed by.  Zombie intercourse for example, I’m not religious and I did not care to see moments like this.

On the other hand, I can picture the horror hounds out there watching this and thinking, what’s with all this biblical stuff?  I’m sure some people will find this movie funny, it all comes down to personal taste.

A few scenes of comedy are born out of how these alien travellers are quick to procreate with each other in public.  They do feel the need to further their species and since they are the last ones left they better get busy.

They are outfitted in tight black leather garb, so that plays into their sexual prowess.  Among them is Shane Samples as Magnum and his life mate Thora, portrayed by Victoria Steadman (“Preacher (TV)”, “Roots (TV)”).  Beset, played by Johanna Rae (“High Alert”, “The Condo”) is “committed” to Justin Lebrun (“Geostorm”, “Hell Of A Night”) as Phoenix.

Apocalypse Rising was directed by Richard Lowry (“High Alert”, “Rise Of The Empire”), who has a history of making genre bending films such as Rapture. He brought back some of the actors he had worked with previously, Justin Lebrun also starred in A Lesson in Cruelty.

Apocalypse Rising has some strange storytelling techniques, such as exposition delivered by Mia through voice over which is unevenly dulled out in the first half of the movie.  But many other characters have voice over too, the reason for this is that these aliens can speak telepathically and voice over is how that is dramatized.

Right before a battle sequence, clearly inspired by the movie 300, we are treated to six characters who say their catch phrases one after another.  Moments like this are over the top and fun.

Two archaeologists join the fight, sure why not.  One of them is Shiah Luna  (“Age Of The Living Dead”, “Resolution Song”) as India, a self proclaimed Indian Jones imitator.

I have to admit, the movie shows off an ambitious amount of production design and visual effects work since this exotic science fiction movie was shot in Louisiana.

I also must note that Kelly Brown who plays a rather eccentric character named Shira, also is the special effects artist and credited as a “zombie trainer” in Apocalypse Rising.

I for one am glad that we live in a world where a bright eyed teenager is able to tell their high school guidance counselor that they want to be a zombie trainer, and be able to keep a straight face.

This movie was not made for me, but I’m sure many will love it.  Do you like seeing people fly around in a very phallic looking spaceship?  Do you delight at the sight of a cheesy looking prosthetic head?  If you do not shy away from zombie sex as part of a low budget swords and sandals epic….. Apocalypse Rising is for you.  And good news, if this sort of thing is your pleasure, Apocalypse Rising is available now on Digital, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Curt Wiser is the Writer/Director of Cam-Girl, as an artist he is happy to watch other people’s work and share them with the rest of the world, even the ones that show public procreation.

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Richard Lowry

Gregory P. Wolk

Running Time:
1h 23min

Zombies, leather, phallic looking space-ships, Apocalypse Rising has it all, and even more!

Gregory P. Wolk, Hunter Alexes Parker, Johanna Rae, Justin Lebrun, Kelly Brown, Richard Lowry, Shane Samples, Shiah Luna, Victoria Steadman

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