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17th April 2018

Average, Light-Hearted Rom-Com

Most of the time, we associate a romantic-comedy, a.k.a rom-com, with younger people falling head over heels in love at the beginning, having troubles in their relationship during the middle and coming back together and promise to love each other forever at the end of the movie.

All this is usually in combination with humour, a lot of booze and some sex references. Yes ok, most of this could be applied to Who’s Jenna…?, the newest Thomas Baldinger (Two Sides Of Life (Short), The Midlifers (TV)) film starring Tracey Birdsall (Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter, Dawn of the Crescent Moon), Bill Sorvino (Moomy’s Box, Iron Terry Malone) and Joseph D’Onofrio (Empire of the Heart, Breaking Point).

However, instead of two late teens or early twenties, it’s about people who are almost reaching their 40’s.

Who’s Jenna…? tells the story of Jonathan Burke (Bill Sorvino), a successful financial advisor living in America.

On a night out with his best friend, colleague and housemate Andy Roma (Joseph D’Onofrio), he meets the dazzling, blonde lawyer Jenna with whom he starts a relationship not long after that.

From the moment Andy laid eyes on his best friends new girlfriend, he’s convinced that she stars in I Dream of Jenna, one of his favourite porn films of all time.

Meanwhile, Jonathan discovers his boss Joe (Garry Pastore) is actually Jenna’s brother-in-law and married to her sister.

Jonathan is about to get a huge promotion but despite the fact it’s all in his reach, he has to cope with something he doesn’t want.

Joe demands that he gets rid of one of their top clients, Kevin Steele (Michael Tota), who’s a very popular porn star and, according to Joe, also connected to the mob.

However, that’s not the only thing that stands between Jonathan and his promotion. He also has to fire his assistant because he’s black and gay.

Will he give in to this blackmail to reach something he always wanted but hurt people around him at the same time or will he find a way out of this and turn the tables completely? Well, that’s for you to find out.

Based on the description, you might think that this is American Pie but with more adult characters.

However, that’s not exactly what Who’s Jenna…? is. Instead of foccussing on the sex and porn, they push that to the background and focus on the more adult topics such as dealing with work, making moral choices and fighting for what you believe in.

Even with these topics, the movie is still a very light-hearted comedy that’s over before you even know it.

This is also thanks to the wonderful performances of the actors. Bill Sorvino is great as the guy under pressure, both at work and in his relationship with Jenna.

The combination of Sorvino and Joseph D’Onofrio is brilliant. Tracey is amazing as well as Jenna, who clearly knows how to balance work and love. All the performances feel very natural and that’s also one of the reasons why Who’s Jenna…? went by very fast.

Despite the topics foccussing on adult life and the very light performances, Who’s Jenny…? also has its flaws.

Some of the characters that are being introduced in the movie might not have been necessary for the plot and because of that the very confusing “who’s this guy/woman?” thought comes up more than once.

Sadly, the comedy aspect of a rom-com was also not present. There were moments of great laughter but they were very rare. That being said, the romantic feature was clearly interwoven into the movie.

Thomas Baldinger’s Who’s Jenna…? turns out to be a great movie when it comes to story in general as well as the acting performances.

However, it lacks humour and it becomes a little bit too confusing with all the characters that are around in this movie.

If you’re interested in an Indie and a-typical romantic comedy, then Who’s Jenna…? is definitely something for you. If you want something more, then maybe you should skip this.

Who’s Jenna...? tells the story of Jonathan Burke, a successful financial advisor living in America.

17th April 2018

Thomas Baldinger

Thomas Baldinger

Running Time:
1h 35min

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