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1st November 2017

We’re on the lookout for new and exciting writers to come and join our happy little team. Read on to find out more.

This site has grown from humble beginnings on Tumblr and then WordPress to the wonder-of-the-web you see before you.

We’re continuing to grow, and it is now becoming more and more difficult for the existing team to review all the movies we are sent and screeners we’re asked to attend.

If you have a passion for movies and fancy getting those thoughts about that film you’ve just seen, good or bad, out of your head and into the websphere then get in touch.

We need people who have a passion and enthusiasm for the big screen, from the latest blockbusters, to first-time directors and low-budget experiments, short films and documentaries.

If you believe you can articulate what you’ve seen in a way to grab and enthuse, then we want to hear from you.

Only people who are willing to say what they truly feel need apply. We don’t want anyone saying they enjoyed something just because the people at the screening were nice!

You don’t have to have anything existing, though if you have that’s obviously no bad thing. Simply get in touch and we’ll ask you to review something for us as a tester.

We’re particularly interested if you live in NYC, London or in and around Dublin. We have a lot of smiley, happy press people waiting for your name!

Perhaps reviewing isn’t something you’re interested in, perhaps you’d prefer meeting the stars?

Luckily, we’re interested there too. We want someone to interview the actors, directors, writers and more of the big screen.

Ideally, you’d already have some YouTube/Vimeo (or wherever) videos online that show you and you speaking (always helps). You don’t have to be interviewing anyone but that’s always a bonus.

A lot of interviews will be done over the phone, or Skype which will need writing up so keep this in mind, it won’t all be you flashing your teeth at some A-lister across a table.

So, come and dip your toe into the wonderful world of reviewing films and enjoy some great movies, be baffled at others and wait for that angry email from the director/writer/producer of the film you’ve just written about to get in touch (it does happen) to say thanks or condemn you to hell!

It couldn’t be simpler, click here and at least provide your name and email address, if you have any examples provide those too, and we’ll be in touch.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.

We're on the lookout for new and exciting writers to come and join our happy little team. Read on to find out more.

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