The Spy Who Dumped Me

Friends Are Worth Killing For

We all have one of those friends. A friend who supports you through thick and thin. Who knows all your secrets because you’ve trusted them with those. Who will be there when you need them the most. Who would kill for you.

Well, maybe we don’t have a friend who would do that last one but Audrey, Mila Kunis (“Jupiter Ascending”, “Oz The Great And Powerful”) and Morgan, Kate McKinnon (“Rough Night”, “Saturday Night Live (TV)”) have each other for that.

With her female Mission Impossible script under her arm and the comedy duo Kunis-McKinnon, director Susanna Fogel (“Life Partners”, “Famous In Love”) makes The Spy Who Dumped Me a slightly predictable but immensely enjoyable movie.

After being dumped by her ex Drew via a text, Audrey is trying to get over the break up by having her best friend Morgan by her side. Their lives are pretty normal until Drew turns their worlds upside down, again.

Both women become entangled in an international conspiracy during which it becomes clear that he’s a CIA agent being chased by a group of terrorists.

Sadly, the reunion between Audrey and Drew is short-lived as Drew is mortally wounded. While granting his last wish, both Audrey and Morgan are on the run from both secrets agent as well as well-trained assassins. From America to Europa and back. Everyone is behind those two and for what? For just a golden statue Drew won? Or is there more to it than meets the eye?

Of course, there’s more to it than meets the eye but obviously, you knew that already. Honestly, when it comes to big surprises and unexpected plot twist, The Spy Who Dumped Me lacks originality. Good people turn out to be bad and bad people aren’t that bad after all. We’ve seen it all and so have you.

However, the female influence from both the director and leading ladies do really bring an original vibe to this movie. For once, kick-ass women are fighting the bad guys, misleading incredibly skilled agents and even saving the man-in-distress. Don’t always have to be a damsel, right?

We couldn’t have wished for a better powerful double act than Kunis – McKinnon. One of them alone or with someone else wouldn’t have the same effect.

While Kunis’s character is still the more down-to-earth one who discovers her new secret agent talent, Morgan, portrayed by the incredibly funny and witty McKinnon, is the woman who’s always too much for everyone but who would do everything in her power to save her friend.

Battling assassins, high-speed chases and even doing dazzling stunts. How amazing was that trapeze scene? Undoubtedly, there are a lot of bloopers from this movie and we wouldn’t be surprised if most of them made it into the film itself.

Of course, there’s also some manpower in this movie provided by the captivating and fascinating Sam Heughan (“Outlander”, “Where The Starlight Ends”), who clearly knows how to handle a gun (or two) while looking incredibly rock ‘n roll. Just what the new James Bond movie needs but let’s not get distracted by that.

A very rapid changing story in a compelling and delightful movie deserves dazzling and entertaining stunts and that’s exactly what we get. Congrats to every stunt man and woman for making every sensational stunts, rapid chases and explosive shooting seems so effortlessly looking on screen.

However, we’re sure that it was incredibly hard work. Also, the prop people deserve a shout out for their unbelievable work in finding all those props that most of the time are shot to pieces.

If you want to see a film that will surprise you with unexpected twits and turns, then The Spy Who Dumped Me isn’t something for you. However, if you want to witness an incredible funny movie with two amazing leading ladies and sensational stunts then buy a ticket for it cause you’re going to like this film.

We all have one of those friends. A friend who supports you through thick and thin. Who knows all your secrets

22nd August 2018

Susanna Fogel

Susanna Fogel, David Iserson

Running Time:
1h 57min

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