The Pining

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21st August 2019

Will It Leave You Pining?

Many writers and directors elect to go for horror as they climb the slippery slope to Hollywood, or whatever their goal may be.

I’m unsure exactly why this. When you don’t have much in the way of budget, is horror really that good an option? I mean, think of the effects, the blood, killing implements etc, etc.

Anyway, The Pining is directed by Eduardo Castrillo (“Worth”, “Hunting Season”), but he didn’t write it, oh no, in fact, it’s a mystery who did. No listing on IMDB and nothing from the PR peopleā€¦that’s a good sign, right? Right?

The fact is, The Pining is a low budget horror movie that has managed to bag a well-known name who, despite still being a machine in the work department, hasn’t done anything of note since 2017’s Twin Peaks.

You suspect this film has come to the fore primarily so those that want to can shout that it’s got someone from Stranger Things in it. It does, in the same way that Brad Pitt was in Deadpool 2.

That is to say that rent-a-cop Jackie Dallas (who played Jen in Stranger Things, you remember Jen, right?) is our lead. A woman who suspects Sizemore is hiding something but dismisses wheelchair bound photographer Diogo Hausen (“The Ark (Short)”, “Jack In The Box (Short)”), for some reason.

People start coming back from the dead and killing people and Dallas runs around trying to figure out what’s going on.

In truth, you won’t care, you’ll be trying to figure out what’s actually going on yourself. The film is all over the place both stylistically and storyline wise.

Some of the horror deaths are quite good though, for a low-budget indie flick that is, but they alone are definitely not enough to save this movie from being one to avoid unfortunately.

It’s a nice idea and the directing isn’t bad, but it feels clunky, badly edited and incoherent. This is one film that won’t leave you pining for more, the real mystery being that of who wrote it?

When members of Joe's therapy group start dying under mysterious circumstances, Detective Harris is forced to reopen a cold case.

Eduardo Castrillo

Running Time:
1h 13min

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