The Boy Downstairs

A Heart Warming Comedy That Will Make Your Day

They say that you never forget our first love. Whether it’s your current partner or someone with whom you had a great time but sadly broke up. He or she will stick with your forever. Especially in the case of Diana, one of the leading characters in The Boy Downstairs, the first  feature from writer-director
Sophie Brooks.

In this heart-warming movie, we see that, despite the fact we have life in our own hands, faith has some impact on us as well.

Diana (Zosia Mamet) is living her nice life in New York. Just recently moved to the city, working in a bridal store and trying to make a career as writer, she’s looking for a new apartment.

With help from her friend, she finds the perfect place. However, there might be a small downside to the apartment. During a night out she notices one very familiar name. Ben Weinburger (Matthew Shear).

Why does that name ring a very loud bell? Well, because he was her first love. The one she broke up with, very unexpected, when she moved to New York.

Trying to avoid him to prevent awkward moments, she has to face him one day. It’s as weird for him as for her but they decide to bury the hatchit once and for all.

When you live in the same apartment and when you have a history together,
it’s impossible not to grow close. Whether it’s just as friends or as lovers.

For both Diana and Ben, the awkward moments are turning into lovely and amicable ones and the romantic feelings are turning up again. Until Diana discovers Ben his secret. He’s already in a relationship. Things are falling apart
for her. Getting a broken heart. Her book that’s still not good enough to be published.

Will she be able to put her life back on track or will New York become the place of her shattered dreams? And what if Ben turns up to her doorstep one day? Will she let him in or will she close the door right in his face?

You will get to know all the answers to the questions while watching this very funny, romantic comedy that will make your day.

If we think about the genre of movies, the Bridget Jones franchise pops up into our mind but instead of being a rip off of those wonderful films, The Boy Downstairs tells a very original and unique story.

Ok, sometimes the clichés such as being a clumsy girl turn up but they still get their own twist.

As you probably already noticed, the movie is all about the relationship between Diana and Ben and so the chemistry between the two leads has to be spot.

We want to congratulate the casting team of The Boy Downstairs because with Zosia Mamet (Girl, Mad Men) and Matthew Shear (Mistress America; The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)), they found the perfect couple.

The dynamic between those two is wonderful and very moving. Both make us laugh, cry and wondering about our own life. They portray these very shy personalities without being too clumsy and who dare to show their feelings without being too sentimental.

Thanks to both the lifelike story and enjoyable acting performances, we start to wonder what we would do if we were in the same position? From both
male and female perspective.

A feather light story deserves a very appealing, bright and colourful cinematography and that’s exactly what we get. Combine that with the very open and inviting apartments and The Boy Downstairs makes us feel very welcome. Add the vibrant New York life to this and you get this
delightful movie. The score by David Buckley fits amazingly well to the images.

Do you want to see an atypical romantic comedy that dares to go away from the set rules of that govern that genre of movie? Then you should do and watch The Boy Downstairs.

With amusing acting performances from two great leads, a very welcoming cinematography and incredibly fitting music, the film will put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

In this heart-warming movie, we see that, despite the fact we have life in our own hands, faith has some impact on us as well.

8th June 2018

Sophie Brooks

Sophie Brooks

Running Time:
1h 31min


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