A Very British Superhero, Comedy

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SuperBob is the story of Bob, played by Brett Goldstein (Howl, Hoff The Record), who is just a very ordinary man.

1st January 1970

Jon Drever

William Bridges, Brett Goldstein, Jon Drever

Running Time:
1h 22min



SuperBob is the story of Bob, played by Brett Goldstein (Howl, Hoff The Record), who is just a very ordinary man. Clumsy, not good with words, very geeky, not been on a date for six years. Oh and he’s also the world’s only superhero.

As the title suggests, this is a very British comedy. Not just from the number of British comedians in it, but the whole tone and a lot of the jokes will only really resonate if you’re from this side of the pond, or lived here for a while.

As an example, Bob works for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and yet has a UN sanctioned Tuesday day off. He also has to get you to sign a number of forms should he actually save you from anything, administration. Something that’s also very British!

Catherine Tate (The Office, Doctor Who) plays Bob’s handler at the MOD, Natalie Tena (Harry Potter, About a Boy) plays Bob’s cleaner/love interest and David Harewood (Homeland, Blood Diamond) plays the news anchor. That’s pretty much your central cast right there as this mild-mannered superhero learns to say no and stand up for himself, whilst also falling in love.

Around them you have appearances from Ricky Grover, Hattie Hayridge and Joe Wilkinson who give the film an even further British kick.

Writer / Director Jon Drever has adapted SuperBob from a short he made. It’s done on the cheap, it’s pretty obvious quite early on what’s going to happen and you don’t get to see the sort of CGI you may be expecting from a superhero film these days.

But this is a nice little film. It’s funny, it’s warm, it’s enjoyable. This is along the lines of Hancock, the much maligned Will Smith film, only this has story, albeit obvious, but story none the less. Think of it as a British Hancock, only better, and without the CGI, or Will Smith. Actually don’t think of it like that.

If you like things like The Office (UK version) or Derek or Grandma’s House (the Simon Amstell thing) then you’ve probably laugh and enjoy this. If not, I’d probably give it a miss.


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