Are You Awake Yet?

It’s been three years since Jamie Foxx has been in a movie, Annie if you’re interested, but now he’s back on the movie trail with a few things coming up, first of which is Sleepless. A Vegas-set cop-thriller.

Jamie Foxx plays a bent cop who gets mixed up in a cocaine heist. He believes he’s stealing from a low-life but actually he’s stealing from a big-player in the dark, Vegas underworld. To get the cocaine back this underworld guy, who owns a casino, kidnaps Foxx’s son. Foxx takes matters into his own hands to get his son back and heads to the casino whilst being followed by an internal affairs agent.

Foxx thinks he can outsmart this big-time crook and stashes some of the cocaine in a toilet, which the internal affairs agent, Michell Monaghan (Source Code, Gone Baby Gone), takes whilst he’s away negotiating for his son. As the real badass turns up, Scott McNairy (Aftermath, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), Foxx realises he’s in the cr*p and has to save his son himself.

The problems with Sleepless begin from the get-go with a very odd booming, horror-esq soundtrack that keeps playing no matter what happens on the screen. Foxx walks into his apartment, ‘boom’, he drives to a crime scene, ‘boom’, a dramatic scene, ‘boom’ and it’s lost any meaning. We also have that Foxx has been stabbed when they took his son, yet seems absolutely fine, other than he’s a bit sweaty every now and again.

Andrea Berloff (Blood Father, Straight Outta Compton) is the writer responsible for creating the script from Indian film Thoongaavanam on which Sleepless is based. Baran bo Odar (The Silence, Who Am I) is the man behind the camera. What they’ve created is something with all the thrills of a wet weekend camping and all the believability of an iPhone lasting longer than a day on one charge.

Foxx manages to defeat a large henchmen in a one-to-one fight, despite getting his ass handed to him. He suddenly pulls it out of the bag, last minute. Of course, oh then we’re back into ‘boom’ as the dramatic music comes back again. Meanwhile the internal affairs agents are standing around, although her partner, David Harbour (Suicide Squad, Quantum of Solace), says they’ve looked everywhere. We must have missed that.

Then Monaghan gets her gun out whilst chasing Foxx but decides not to shoot him, despite getting the chance. A fight ensues and, oh look, Foxx wins again. Look what I’m saying is Sleepless is just a poor film, badly written, not brilliantly directed and the only actor who comes away with any reasonable credibility is Scoot McNairy and maybe Harbour. Everyone else is going through the motions, and badly.

This is late-night TV, some obscure channel way down on the listing bad. Look for it in a year or so. Actually, don’t bother.

It's been three years since Jamie Foxx has been in a movie, Annie if you're interested, but now he's back on the movie trail

5th May 2017

Baran bo Odar

Andrea Berloff

Running Time:
1h 35min


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