Going Into Your Head

by Nadia Kuin


Two addicts discover that exploring other people's dreams with the help of a machine can beat any drug

Szilard Molnar

Szilard Molnar

Running Time:
1h 18min


REM: Is a Hungarian film written and directed by Szilard Molnar. The first scene where addict, Joe, Gergely Orban, is convulsing on the floor sets the bar for this darkly comic movie about two addicts who discover how to explore other people’s dreams.

The acting is a little bit stilted at times but the script writing is good and there are some genuinely amusing moments in the film. There are some disturbing themes though; drugging a young woman with medicinal aphrodisiacs then watching her sleep – not least.

As the film progresses the true nature of the two protagonists, Joe and Mark, becomes more apparent and around the midpoint the balance of the movie shifts from darkly comic to just dark.

The end of the film may have been trying a little too hard to be clever; it has an interesting twist but there are holes left unexplained. That’s a shame because a little more background or insight into the writers thinking would have made the film much more complete.

Clearly Molnár was working with a low budget but rather than attempting to topple Blockbusters with big effects the film focuses on the story and even the sound (which really hindered the viewing experience in the first few minutes) doesn’t end up detracting from it.


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