President Evil

by Curt Wiser


Days before the November mid-term Elections, three young girls who are a Muslim, Mexican and Haitian, are stalked by a deranged killer dressed as the POTUS.


We live in strange times, if it wasn’t for that I would say this movie, President Evil would surprise you. These days I doubt anything would surprise us.

President Evil is a horror comedy about three young women, a Muslim, Mexican and a Haitian, who are staked by a deranged killer dressed as US President Donald Trump.

While the title may make you think otherwise, this is not a parody of Resident Evil. President Evil is an overtly political satire of John Carpenter’s Halloween. This intention was clear from the first frame, with an opening credit sequence and score that mirrors the 1978 Horror Classic. They do make subtle references to other movies, such as Seven and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which was fun.

This rather unique antagonist, David, played by Ryan Quinn Adams (“On The Fence”, “Before The Dark”), starts his killing spree when he escapes from a mental clinic.

This story takes place days before the 2018 Mid-term Elections, so the release of this movie is well timed. President Evil is an anti-Trump, Democratic leaning narrative, and it does not shy away from this at all.

I feel I quickly need to get this out of the way, I am an American, my politics are progressive, so I am the kind of citizen who would respond to this movie. I do feel however, that what America really needs is a choice besides these elephants and donkeys. That’s enough, I’ll get off my soapbox before I trip over it.

While I did find President Evil to be entertaining, it started to lose my vote during several scenes where the political views of these characters became preachy.

I wish the filmmakers kept the political aspects as subtext and metaphor throughout the whole story, instead of dividing the ticket, as it were. A few parts of the movie were laugh out loud funny. Some of the humor is crude, at other times the jokes are quite sophisticated.

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Curt Wiser decides against the bold new tattoo

President Evil was released in October 18, so it made many political references that happened prior to that. In clever, non-direct ways, the story includes “collusion” David’s poor grammar skills and takes note of the size of his hands.


President Evil was written to be produced on a low budget, most of the scenes take place in houses, sidewalks and the like. While I do feel more attention to locations would have helped, these limitations did not get in the way of telling the story.


The three main protagonists represented their minority groups with heart and conviction. The acting was adequate, given the heavy politely charged dialogue they had to work with.


These three central characters are Lys Perez (“Street Dreams – Los Angeles”, “Orders (Short)”) as Blanca, Sitara Attaie (“The Fault In Our Stars”, “The X-Files (TV)”) as Lana and Amber Boone in the role of Medjine.


The other co-writer and producer of President Evil is Gregory P. Wolk, he also produced and directed a music video parody called President Evil as proof of concept for the feature. This funny short film can be seen on IMDB and YouTube. The movie President Evil is available now on Amazon Video.


In closing, this movie will likely find its audience based on political views. If you are anti-Trump, then President Evil will give you much needed levity leading up to the mid-terms, but if you are pro-Trump, you will denounce this movie as being “Fake News”.


I do not see this movie changing the hearts and minds of any Americans, but I am proud to live in a country where an artist can make a movie like this without having their hands cut off in retaliation.


Curt Wiser is the Writer/Director of the Suspense movie Cam-Girl. As an artist, he is happy to look at other filmmaker’s work and get the word out.


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