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17th May 2018

A Heart-Breaking Tale About The Consequences Of Bullying

Most of us probably don’t like to be reminded of our high school time. However, let’s take a step back in time when we were 14, 15 years old and starting to discover our own identity. Both psychically and mentally.

That period was a flood with all the emotions of the emotional spectrum. Sadness, Anger, frustration but also love and friendship. Sadly, it could also come with bullying and that didn’t only have an impact on our own life but also of our parents who had to cope with you and who were there to support you though that harsh time.

That’s exactly what Pin Cushion, the new Deborah Haywood (Twinkle, Twinkle, Biatch!) movie, is all about. Finding your place in (school) society while still trying to be authentic to yourself.

As if puberty isn’t hard enough, it becomes even harder when you move to a new city where you don’t know anyone or anything.

When Iona, Lily Newmark (Emerald City (TV), Return Of The Ghost) and her adoptive mother Lyn, Joanna Scanlan (No Offence (TV), Bridget Jones’s Baby) decide to move into their new home in a total unknown city to them, they are determined to make the best out of it.

While buying new gear to cheer up their place, they discover the lovely places that city has to offer. Especially the animal shelter from where they want to adopt a small kitten.

Things get even more exciting for the both of them when Iona is about to go to her new school for the first time. However, their joy and excitement are soon fading away. Because of her poor background, Iona is picked on by the more rich and popular girl of the school. Despite trying to do the best she can to fit in, it seems difficult to make new friends.

Until one day, when the first signs of young love are growing and the bathroom starts to look more like a make-up salon. By experimenting with her appearance, Iona quickly learns the tips and tricks to be accepted by the school environment. Even when this might alter her true and authentic nature.

Just like her daughter, Lyn is giving her best shot to get into the new community but it seems that being accepted is hard for her as well, despite all her good efforts.

Sadly, It doesn’t matter how hard both are trying, their quirks and background will always be a reason for others to bully them. With some catastrophic consequences.

We wouldn’t be completely surprised if the Pin Cushion story is like your own life because it could totally be based on real life events. Because of that element, the messages from the movie are being transferred on screen even better.

We know that what we see can happen to anyone. Both the positive events but also the crisis’s. Those latest’s are something we have to warn others for but also help them when they struggle with it.

That’s one of the great messages behind Pin Cushion. Threat people like you want to be treated and help others cause otherwise it might be too late.

There’s a very dark side to Pin Cushion but in combination with the friendship, love and family elements, the movie turns out to be incredibly well balanced.

At the beginning we got to know Lin and her daughter as the jolly and funny family who are inseparable and who are clearly enjoying life, despite the few resources.

Over the course of the film, it turns out that, despite the fact they have their life in their own hands, your surroundings will always have impact. Directly or indirectly but it’s inevitable.

Another reason why this movie is great is because it doesn’t only focus on the struggles and bullying teenagers girls are going through but also the fact that it can happen to adults as well.

It’s not only the very relatable topics that make this movie a must-see film, it’s also the incredible acting performances from both leading actresses. We see Lily Newmark as the vulnerable Iona, who might push her own integrity completely to the background just to be able to be part of something more acceptable by society while Joanna Scanlan is amazing as Lin, the crazy cat lady who loves her daughter undeniably hard but who sadly also struggles with her own problems.

If Pin Cushion is screened in a cinema nearby you, you should definitely go and check it out. It’s an incredibly powerful movie with an even more important message about something we all will encounter in our lives.

Doesn’t matter how old or young you are. Add superb performances to this and you know why you shouldn’t miss this movie!

Most of us probably don’t like to be reminded of our high school time. However, let’s take a step back in time when we were 14, 15 years old

13th July 2018

Deborah Haywood

Deborah Haywood

Running Time:
1h 22min


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