Ouija Seance: The Final Game

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12th July 2018

A Predictable And Rip-Off Horror Movie

If we give you the word combination “film” and “Ouija” then you will probably come up with loads of movies which have anything to do with that. Even if you might not know the name, you totally will know the story.

Sadly, that’s also the same with Ouija Seance: The Final Game, from director Andrea Mugnaini (Non c’è tempo per gli eroi).

By just reading the title it becomes clear what the movie will be about and that’s also the reason why the film can’t really grip our attention or surprise us.

Sarah, Katharina Sporrer (Genius (TV), Immigration Game), who works as an art-restorer, has her job coming to an end in Italy. So it’s almost time to say goodbye to her best friend and housemate Barb, Holly Mumford (La Famiglia Gionni (TV)) but not without one final party at another friend’s house.

Fully packed for her trip back home and ready to celebrate life, a mysterious call comes in. Sarah’s grandmother left her an ancient house in a deserted forest, but the legal representatives require the original documentation to be left at the isolated villa.

Sarah has no option but to take her friends to that mansion before heading to the party.  Four friends visiting an old and dirty estate in a deserted forest with almost no telephone reception. Yeah it sounds more familiar than we would like from a movie we haven’t watched yet.

If we also add that the initial party is being cancelled, that the friends decide to stay in the house for the weekend and that they find an Ouija board in a very dusty place, then you already know enough.

At the very beginning of the movie Ouija Seance: The Final Game seems to have great potential to not become a predictable and rip-off horror movie. An artistic vibe has come through our screens because of the combination of typical, but gorgeous, Italian painting and the fitting music and it would have been intriguing to see how that arty atmosphere would have been interwoven in the horror genre, but sadly it doesn’t take long before Ouija Seance: The Final Game just start solely start focusing on the horror aspect.

There’re a few paintings in the haunted house that remind us what a great creative city Italy is, but what’s behind those portraits is the exact same as in other movies. It’s in those eyes, isn’t it?

As predictable as the story is, so are the characters. Four friends. One good-looking woman (Barb) whose priorities are boys, having fun and making love while being in a relationship with Guillaume, Alan Cappelli Goetz (Ben-Hur, Allegiance), the handsome friend who prefers muscles over brains.

On the other end of the spectrum you have the other two friends. Sarah, as the determined young women who wants to know what happened in the shady villa of her family but who’s absolutely not interested in the funny part of life or boys, and Rico, Gianfranco Quero (Don Giovanni, Scossa) who has an eye on her and who wants to help his damsel in distress to win over her heart.

Suspense. Tension. Dark surprises. It all needs to come together beautifully but that’s sadly not the case for this movie. The focus is too much on scaring people through different shadows, shady and mysterious creatures, sudden movements and the usual music, it forgets to be more creative, more surprising and more original than other horror films.

Despite the fact the movie only last a little bit over an hour it drags on forever, especially the last fifteen minutes.

Is it all bad? No, not all. The characters might be incredibly predictable, partly because of the writing but possibly also because of the acting that needs to be like that.

The actors themselves do a wonderful job putting their characters out there and make sure i’s clear that we can distinguish the difference between them.

Is Ouija Seance: The Final Game revolutionary? No. Is it innovative, creative and original? No. There might be an audience for it and liking a film or not is still a personal decision but this movie just didn’t work for us.

If we give you the word combination “film” and “Ouija” then you will probably come up with loads of movies which have anything to do with that.

Andrea Mugnaini

Andrea Mugnaini

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Ouija Seance: The Final Game

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