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2nd February 2019

Hey Dad, You Ok?

What to do when a loved one is dying? It’s a tough time, that’s for sure, but do you give them the option of what to do with their last few days or weeks on Earth? Or do you do what you feel is best?

That’s the conundrum facing siblings Kenny, Paul Fahrenkopf (“Ghosting”, “The Nextnik”), and Rachel, Connie Bowman (“The Nextnik”, “Mum (Short)”), as they’re father Irv, Philip Lawton (“California (Short)”, Legends & Lies (TV)”), becomes seriously ill.

Kenny is a local radio DJ and receives a call to say his father is in hospital. He rushes over, expecting a fall or something, to find his father in a bad way, and that this is his third visit to the hospital, something he’s kept from his children.

The doctor, Maggie Robertson, suggests that, whilst they could potentially prolong Irv’s life, he’s in a lot of pain and his standard of living isn’t great. A better option may be for him to head home and for them to simply manage his pain until the time comes.

Kenny asks his father, who agrees, wanting to see his wife who passed just the year before and put an end to the pain. This riles his sister though, Rachel wants to send Irv back to the hospital, have more tests, ensure everything that can be done, is done.

This is completely the opposite of what Irv wants though and the two battle over their father. Kenny meanwhile begins making friends with a neighbour, Patti, Patricia Talmadge, and sees more and more of her.

Life goes on for both Kenny and Rachel away from the home were they take turns looking after Irv, it goes on, without them.

Nothing To Do is written, directed and edited by Mike Kravinsky (“The Nextnik”, “I’m Your Server (Short)”). It’s a great idea and well executed film with a spritely, just under, 1.5 hour runtime.

There’s a wonderful scene where Kenny and Irv begin to tell each other all the secrets they’ve kept from each other when they were growing up. Pinching from each other, telling each other of their best moments etc.

There are some great touches and funny moments but the film isn’t without it’s issues. The lines are delivered quite staccato throughout and the editing is a touch on the keen side. It does also look like the children are older than the father, once I’d had that thought I couldn’t get it out of my head.

The standout performance from the film comes from Patricia Talmadge. She waltzes her way through the movie, delivering her lines with a sincerity and has a nice storyline as well.

Overall Nothing To Do is a nice film, that may sound odd given the subject matter, but it is. It hopefully points to the beginning of a nice career for Kravinsky, especially if he can pull together some more of the types of lovely scenes we see here.

What happens when you can't stand the way your sibling does just about anything, but you're forced to be with them during your father's last days on Earth?

Mike Kravinsky

Mike Kravinsky

Running Time:
1h 21min

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