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29th March 2021

Back In Action

My return to seeing a movie at a cinema as we bow out of this Pandemic, was Nobody. I felt this anticipated, Action/Comedy was well worth the big screen experience, and it was. Nobody follows Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk), who after a freak occurrence, is thrown into a deadly war with a crime lord.

It must be noted that Nobody was written by Derek Kolstad, who wrote the (“John Wick”) franchise. This movie gives us the fun, gun play and action we would expect from the writer of John Wick, but with a comedic tone. The world building of this movie is strong, yet it is more grounded than John Wick. Many great moments were set up and paid off in Nobody, some in very unexpected ways.

Ilya Naishuller is the director of Nobody, prior to this he wrote and directed the point-of-view Action feature (“Hardcore Henry”). The gritty and unique fight sequences in Nobody are well crafted and cinematic. Carefully selected music serves as ironic backdrops to the movie’s more operatic scenes in delightful ways.

The precision pacing of Nobody leads us through the narrative and into the next action sequence. You will not need to wait long to see some action either.  Odenkirk (“Better Call Saul” – TV Series, “Breaking Bad” – TV Series) performs the perfect balance of action and comedy the role of Hutch demanded. It is no surprise that Bob Odenkirk is also a Producer of Nobody, he gave his all to this production.

Rounding out the cast is Becca, Connie Nielsen (“Inheritance”, Wonder Woman”) who is Hutch’s wife and mother to their two kids. Joining the ranks are RZA (“Californication” – TV Series, The Dead Don’t Die”) and Christopher Lloyd (“Back To The Future”, “Piranha 3DD”) as you’ve never seen him before.

Nobody is an action packed, comedic gut punch.  Some of the inventive set pieces in these fights are truly one of a kind.  Any fans of John Wick are sure to enjoy Nobody.  These are similar animals, but different breeds.  Much in the way John Wick is a dog owner and Hutch from Nobody is a cat person.

Review of the Action/Comedy Movie Nobody, which stars Bob Odenkirk, Christopher Lloyd and Connie Nielsen. It was written by Derek Kolstad, writer of John Wick.

25th March 2021

Ilya Naishuller

Derek Kolstad

Running Time:
1Hr 32 Mins

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